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Here are some of my thoughts on some basic general strategies for Dust Tactics Battlefield:

List Building:
Once you past 75 points have a least two Officer units, at least one being a Command Squad. These units are too good to pass up given everything they can do, however; it can be hard to get the full use out of a hero Officer since they may not have a radio (i.e. Soldier 2 Radio Team) and you often want them for their combat ability more than their support ability.

Worry more about a mixture of single target and infantry template weapons over weapons that can target aircraft. Fortunately, most vehicles fire template weapons when targeting infantry. Having template weapons prevents an opponent from concentrating their forces too much. As for aircraft, make plans to deal with them but realize most units have at least some ability to shoot them.

Make sure you have a plan to tackle heavy armor (Vehicle 7 (V7)). You don’t necessarily need to be able to destroy a V7 in a single shot, but remember, if you only chip away a couple a points an attack, the opponent’s mechanic and fix it.

Dust Tactics Battlefield is an infantry game. I believe an all infantry list has a better chance against an all vehicle or mostly vehicle list. Though, done correctly both have a chance at victory. Almost every game I have played it is the infantry that captures the objective for the win. However, this is affected by terrain density as well. More open terrain favors vehicles while dense terrain favors infantry.

Try to have an even number of units. At least half the Battlefield missions require Reserves or Delayed Reserves for at least one of the players. An even number of units allows an even split of whats on the table and what is in Reserves. At the same time, don’t bend over backwards to have an even number.

Have a general idea of what units you want on the table and which ones you want in Reserves. If you roll like me, you might not see all of your Reserves until round 3 or 4 when they come in automatically. Games of Dust tactics Battlefield can be over well before that if you don’t have a good mixture of units on the table (I know I have lost a couple of games at the end of Round 2).

Objective Placement:
All things the same and taking no other considerations, place your objectives as close to you as the rules allow and far away from each other. You want them close to where your units deploy so they don’t have to move as far to reach them. You want them away from each other so you opponent has to divide their forces to protect them.

Consider your force and your opponent’s force and terrain placement when determining objectives. If you have range and speed on your opponent, place an objective far away from cover and snipe any unit that tries to protect the objective. Don’t be afraid to screen the objective with you infantry to keep you opponent from being able to contest an objective.

If you have a Command Squad don’t put them in Reserves. The Command Squad (or Hero Officer you are using as a Command Squad) should be one of the last things you have come onto the table Round 1. This allows you to make a Move (to get on the table) and Officer (or Medic or Mechanic) attempt. This allows you to fix up a badly damaged unit if you can reach them. If nothing else, allow you to reactive a unit to get a little more distance or an extra attack in.

If you are the player with the few units Round 1, pass your turn to your opponent until you can’t. They can’t shoot what is not on the table. Even after Round 1, consider passing if able if you can gain an advantage with minimal losses.

Your Command Squad should spend most of the game reactivating (Get Moving You Bunch of Monkeys) units. This should typically be toward the end of the round so your opponent never quite knows what you are going to reactivate. However, don’t pass up a perfect shot if the chance presents itself.

That is a list of things that I think work for any of the faction in Dust Tactics Battlefield. I will admit some of them are pretty basic and most players naturally know while others might just be my own personal preferences. Still, I feel they can help new players have a least a frame work to start with until they develop what works for them.