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AvatarUniversal Head

Clash957, welcome and thank you so much for sharing your experience with this game. It’s a bit of a strange beast, as on the surface it seems very simple but there are obviously some tricky things to grasp. For a start, I’m horrified at how wrong we have got the whole damage allocation thing – oh, and we’ve been stuffing up saves too – but I’m also still confused about it, so I for one am going to pick your brain on that and other topics!

First, a couple of general questions:

1. Dust Tactics Battlefield and Dust Warfare: the biggest differences? Your preference? I’d pretty much put Warfare on the ‘don’t bother’ pile, but is it worth going back and playing that more complex set of rules? (And is it worth the obvious potential for confusion with two sets of rules?)

2. Vehicles seem very squishy in DTB, often going down after one attack, which is a bit of a difference from 1st edition. Why do you think they’ve done this? Is it more realistic?

Now, on to damage resolution. I always thought you allocated all the hits, and heroes could soak up more damage if you wanted, but maybe that’s an idea left over from 1st edition I got stuck in my brain. Certainly a) we’ve been playing it completely wrongly and b) it is *very* poorly explained in the rulebook. Did you get originally an explanation of all this from the forums?

The one thing I didn’t understand at all in your example was the ‘instant death’ resolution. In the rules it says that the miniature that was hit with this symbol marks off all the crosses on its damage track (if it has one) and is elminated. That’s it. Nothing about rolling dice equal to its damage capacity. Huh?

I just checked the Warfare rules again, and maybe some of that game’s concepts are leaking through to the DB rules, where as far as I can see the damage capacity concept isn’t even mentioned? Then again I can’t even see a reference to the ‘instant death’ symbol in DW.

Confusion! 🙂

Again, many thanks for signing up and I look forward to lots of DTB discussion!