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AvatarCK Lai

Hahaha. I was only kidding…

(That said, my 4 Alkemy factions come in at under 80 minis in total, which is probably how many minis there are in 1 faction of WoK. I’m surprised.)

Infinity does look interesting, now that I’ve read that review you linked to. The “pool of actions” and use it how you like system is very interesting. Much better than the current system most games have (although Alkemy does alleviate this to a certain extent by giving elite troops and leaders more APs, it still is nowhere near as flexible as Infinity’s system).

The only thing stopping me from getting into Infinity was I read the rules can be a tad bit complex… so I shall watch your adventures with Infinity with great interest!

(I should also mentioned I got the MERCS Recon KS, which allows me to also play the MERCS tabletop minis game… which means I have WAY too many games on my plate as well to even THINK of getting into Infinity… although as a certain famous international super secret agent once said: “Never Say Never”.)