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AvatarUniversal Head

I know – I should have put a 🙂 in there!

I really put off Infinity because, well, it’s yet another system, and also I wasn’t keen on the anime influence. But the anime touches are pretty subtle, and I’ve come around to the idea of playing in a ‘hard’ futuristic scifi setting. And people do rave about the system, which does seem as if you’re both heavily involved all the time. I do like the idea of the orders so you don’t have to activate every figure each turn too, that’s clever simplification.

The full rulebook does look very complex, because there are so many options and they go into great detail so there’s no ambiguity for tournament play. I’m hoping to do some videos as Will and I – he’s here again next month – go through some of the learning scenarios in the starter set. Anyway, I won’t make any more purchases until we’ve been through the starter set and we see if it rocks or not!