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I saw a few video reviews on it. It looks like a fine game. It is a little too long and complicated for the people I would likely try to get to play it more than once. They give me a pass with miniatures games, but are less forgiving with board games. Plus, for me, the Warhammer 40K theme adds no value as I’m not fond of that setting, and I don’t even know if my friends are aware it. Still, if I had to pick between Forbidden Stars and Twilight Emporium III, I think I would pick Forbidden Stars as it looks to be of shorter length.

I wish I could help you with painting spaceships. I have yet to move beyond base coat painting of my vehicles. However, in the context of Forbidden Stars, I think base coat with some minor shadowing and highlighting should make the game pieces more impressive. I don’t know if I would bother with a ink/wash for the space ships. If I did put a wash on them, I think I would go with a dark wash like black then I would likely repaint the base coat back on the flatter surfaces only leaving the wash in the nooks and edges. However, I have never done any kind of painting like that so I am purely guessing here.