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I’m not sure if Op IceStorm has the full rule book or not but I would recommend going to the Infinity site and downloading the full one (this is 258 pages & just over 20MB and does not include the fluff/background book content you get when you buy the N3 2-bookset).

Also it does not include all the troop profiles from the other books Human Sphere & Campaign Paradiso – you can find those in N3 unit profiles PDF.
I think they are intending to release revised N3 versions of these books later this year or early next year.
There is also a weapons PDF that could prove useful too.

You can also go to the Infinity Army builder and after it finally loads, use it to printout the troops you are using for the game. It details all their abilities and stats for reference during the game. It also totals up points and SWC (special weapons costs) for you and can deal with sectorial as well as regular army construction.