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I’d have to completely agree with you on all points particularly the Vrill.
We were originally promised them in the 4-6th expansion so it has been a long long wait. Now another 2 years or 1.5 at best. I can’t say I’d be terribly excited by a Japanese faction compared to aliens considering much of the advanced technology is based on the Vrill stuff. I recall seeing very early on a German walker in a Japanese colour scheme that was interesting but not thrilling.

I’m not sure “We will license later this year Warfare to one of his most devoted players, he will continue that legacy.” would be a good idea unless Warfare receives a distinctive re-badging to avoid further continuing confusion between it and Battlefield. Especially if it coincides with the 3rd Ed rules. I really don’t think DUST needs any competition based on itself.

How many retailers are going to chance another go at stocking this line after the last two distributors dropped it with the resulting fire sales.

I hope Paolo’s dream of making Dust a success works out, he certain has stuck it out through some very trying times so far.