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Home Forums The Gaming Room For a non-wargamer. What's make makes each one special / unique? Reply To: For a non-wargamer. What's make makes each one special / unique?


There are of course numerous other traditional miniatures tabletop rules for:
– Ancients (e.g. de bellis multitudinis)
– Napoleonics (e.g. Shako, just Google “napoleonic tabletop wargaming”) and
– WW2 (Battlefront’s Flames of War being one I playtested for when it first appeared around 2001).

These are where it all started really, so if you’re into a more traditional style of game there are plenty to choose from. HG Wells wrote the first set of tabletop gaming rules, Little Wars in 1913. Prescient timing!

I guess the advantage of something like Wrath of Kings or Dust is that it’s a complete package of rules and figures, although be warned, the time required to construct, de-scale, wash, base, prime and paint the WoK figures is considerable, and you have to do at least two factions unless your gaming buddy does one. This is why it’s important to try before you commit if you can (or watch us stumble through a game session on EOG), because you’re buying into a whole ‘game system’, and if you discover you don’t like the rules much then it’s a wasted investment.

On the other hand, if the figures are pre-painted, that takes the edge off…