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Always tricky advising others about buying something.

I play RPG’s on weekly basis and boardgames every 6 weeks (subject to the quirks of fate), so I look at Conan as an RPG resource first. Lots of miniatures, map boards, some props (chests, doors etc).

And occasionally we are player down for RPG session and can’t continue without them, which is when I break out an RPG-ish game like Shadows of Brimstone and hopefully Conan.

So I’m avoiding any add-ons (and there a lot of add-ons) that not kickstarter exclusive and buying the KS exclusive ones that I think are necessary (and who can resist the Vanir “stop calling me Red Sonya, that’s not my name” Valkyrie).

As for the box… Not sure that the King box is worth the $45 extra compared to the $90 Barbarian box. 50% more money, but the contents are not significantly greater to my eye.

But if you’re buying it as a game that you expect to play a lot, it might be worth it.

That’s my opinion anyway.