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I have to say I like the optimism from Mr. Parente. I think it would be great to have that plan happen–after the Kickstarter is resolved. I hope that everything for the Kickstarter makes it to the players’ hands and the sore feelings are largely put in the past.

I don’t know how much I will be adding to my collection should new factions come out. Right now much of the new Dust stuff is variations on what pretty much exists. Additionally, here in the US, I can still get several several basic infantry squads from when Dust was first (pretty much) released at those original prices of about $15. It is going to be rough going paying dramatically higher prices when the cheap stuff is still on the market.

I have been a long time opponent to the Vrill showing up as I play Dust for the alt-WWII aspects and don’t really want the aliens in it beyond the dingus that allows the weird science of walking tanks, combat gorillas, and phasers. That said, if it could revitalize Dust, I am more for the Vrill showing up than I have ever been.