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After many months, the box to my project is completed, and here are the pictures

War of the Ring box

The box is larger than the collector’s edition box, and heavy enough I could probably kill an intruder in my house with it in a pinch, but I am quite pleased with how it turned out. The box is maple ply wood, lined with felt inside. The cover is stained to look like a leather bound book. All the images were made with hand cut stencils, except the writing on the ring, which I had professionally laser cut. To create the pages, I used modeling paste that I scuffed up with a straight edge to look like a stack of pages. When they dried, I used a yellowish wash followed by a brown drybrush to make the pages look old.

From here, I am working on getting the rulebook bound into a hard cover book, while changing the cover art and adding in more Lord of the Rings artwork from John Howe and others. When I have that I will post pictures of that as well.

My previous album post also now includes photos of the elven rings I purchased to replace the cardboard chits, and some of my newly painted models can be seen from a distance on the board as well. Let me know what you think.