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I was surprised they were opening pledge manager to everyone, but pleased at the time, as I missed the KS.

There was resentment from many that pledged about this.

I suspect they are opening it to all as a lot of people asked for refunds with regard to shipping costs, delays in PM and general lack of communication from Monolith.

Your lack of ‘due date expectations’ is admirable, but as I’m a ‘KS Noob’ and waiting for my first products to arrive, I have not yet had to deal with the disappointment, so remain hopeful.

If I hadn’t gone so nuts about buying Warmachine miniatures I might have still committed to using the Conan PM for miniatures to use in the forthcoming Conan RPG by Modiphius…

But my commitment to Warmachine triggered the purchase of Iron Kingdoms RPG and I’m enjoying running that at the moment, so have no need of Conan miniatures.

Maybe in a year or two, when the Conan RPG and boardgame are out, I will invest. And by invest I mean waste a pile of money on them.