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I ordered a copy of the AE WotR even before i received the notice from ARES about the $20 discount for being an Age of Conan expansion KS backer. Because i live in the USA – it is sort of like getting free shipping!

I just couldn’t resist it… I did not know about the WotR game back when the Collectors Limited Edition came out in 2010.
I just could not justify spending upwards of $1200+ for a copy of the CE on the secondary market (believe me, I did consider buying it on several occasions and came pretty close)!

So for me, $369.00 is a good deal for an edition they are only making 2000 copies of that is “pretty” close to the CE for what you get (I know everything is relative….as some people may think it is absolutely nuts to spend close to $400.00 for a game).

Even though i already have the standard 2E version, I am really looking forward to having this version in my collection in 2016!!

PS – ARES still has some copies left for sale until they sell all 2000 copies they are producing. If you do not get it now, it could be years (or possibly never) again that a similar type edition is offered.