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Home Forums The Workshop Need help, really frustrating primer problem :-( Reply To: Need help, really frustrating primer problem :-(


Hi guys,

know it’s been a while (been busy with other things, going to show you in another thread), but I wanted to let you know that it seems to work now.

I still don’t know exactly what happened, but I bought a can of GW skull white primer and primed the next bunch of minis with about 20°C outside.

The coat looked better from the first glance and so far nothing chipped of. Finished my Battlelore Chaoslord and the Flesh Rippers (and the battered Citadel guards, too) since then.

I hope this problem won’t arise any more, still I don’t know what to do in winter (don’t have a cellar for priming and using our living room won’t be accepted). Perhaps I have to prime all minis while it’s warm…

Thanks again for all your tips and encouraging words!