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    Hi Everybody,

    I was inspired by a blog post on BGG by barks outlining how he painted his Battle of the Five Armies figures. It’s something I always wanted to try so I took the plunge, bought a kit and started out.

    I started with leather brown spray primer by army painter. Barks’ blog suggested brown since it was a common color on all of the figures. My first figures to attempt were the shadow army’s bats and great orcs. Why? Simply put they seemed to be some of the easier ones to paint. I probably should have started on my son’s plastic army men to practice but I’m impatient.

    So here are the primed bats & great orcs

    Bat - Primed

    Great Orc - Primed

    I did spend time on the great orcs removing flash but some still escaped me. I’m not worried about it as it’s mostly on the base and I’ll be covering it with basing materials.

    My kit has 11 paints but it didn’t have a goblin green. It has a darker green called (wait for it…) greenskin. Given the size of the miniatures and how busy they are (lots of armor) I don’t think it will work well for the smaller orcs & goblins. So I tried it out on the Great Orcs. I was pleased with the overall results. Given the darker skin color I varied my color scheme from barks’ approach. He used a dark grey for the straps on the figure which I liked. But since I’m using a darker green I thought it wouldn’t stand out so I went with leather. I’m happy with the approach.

    I’ll pause here to post because I want to make sure my image links work…

    Okay, that seems to work.

    So I modified my great orcs color scheme from barks’ post. This was mainly because those were the colors I had. I’m happy with how they turned out. My bats turned out different than the ones on the blog. I attribute that to never having drybrushed anything before. I had too much paint on the brush when I went to do the drybrushing. Instead of gray highlights it became more of grey bat. But I liked the effect and it looked sufficiently “batty” to my eyes so I left them as they were. And I learned things so it was good.

    Here are the pictures:


    Bat - Front

    Bat - Back
    Great Orc

    Great Orc - Front

    Great Orc - Back

    Great Orcs - Front

    Great Orcs - Back

    Based on this attempt and how much I enjoyed it I went ahead and bought the Army Painter Mega Paint set which has bottles of all (or at least most) of their warpaints and quick washes. This will give me more shades of the colors which will make it easier. I did enjoy experimenting with mixing, and I’ll continue to do so, but in the interests of completing this set I think the pre-made shades will make it easier.

    I’ll follow up as I finish more. Thanks for reading and comments, tips & suggestions are appreciated.

    AvatarUniversal Head

    Sorry this didn’t go through immediately – it was flagged as spam for some reason (number of links)? In any case, great stuff! I’m working on these myself at the moment too.

    AvatarUniversal Head

    PS I found that the Games Workshop textured base paint (that I first used for the BattleLore figures) works well for these bases too.


    Oh yeah, I remember that paint as I was watching your videos. I’ll have to track some of that down. I have a bunch of the base materials I picked up. And I’m going to experiment with kitty litter. But I like options. 😉

    This was so much fun. Can’t believe I waited this long to try it.

    Good to know about it getting kicked to spam. I bet I have a few posts in there as I’ve been figuring out these forums. 😉

    AvatarUniversal Head

    I think the textured paint is good for smaller-scaled miniatures (ie, usually boardgame pieces), as it gives a nice suggestion of texture instead of the full on kitty litter/sand effect.

    You do! There were some repetitions I’ve trashed, but that was the only full one that didn’t make it. Sorry it’s been such a pain, I’m amazed myself and some very basic issues this plugin has. Thanks for hanging in there!


    Great work, Ozmo! I’ve now started on my set too. Characters will be first and my first choice was Beorn, as he’s just such a great center piece on the board.
    Beorn the Skinchanger

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