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    AvatarUniversal Head

    I’ll check out the rules and the play session videos again but so far I’m not tempted.

    (I seem to be getting hard to please!) 🙂

    And I am so, so sick of Game of Thrones.


    And I thought I was the only person on earth not watching the show 🙂

    Out of curiosity, I watched the first episode of series 7. Slow march of undead. Slow sail then walk of dragon bimbo. Lots of boring politics in between.

    I’ve heard people complain Lord of the Rings was slow paced, but 10 hours of that beats the hell out of 60+ hours of thrones.

    AvatarUniversal Head

    Oh I really enjoy the show – no spoilers please! I’m just sick of the number of games based on the IP.

    AvatarCK Lai

    @UH : “I’m just sick of the number of games based on the IP.”

    You could always search for games designed BEFORE the HBO show debuted 😂


    Weird. KS is live.

    No early bird.

    No stretch goals.

    No addons.

    No incentive to back as far as I can see. Be cheaper at retail.


    Ok. There are stretch goals and I put in a pledge to keep updated.

    Hopefully the stretch goals will make it worth staying involved in the KS.

    Regret not getting involved in Wrath of Kings KS, but I hadn’t been drawn into KS at that point. I still have only one faction, but more may go to eBay now that cmon will probably drop it in favour of Song.

    I’ll only ever be involved in a friendly two player, so additional factions as addons won’t be interesting, except possibly mercenaries that fight for any faction… adds variety to replay.

    AvatarUniversal Head

    CMON don’t do early bird specials anymore, I think they were pissing people off.

    It sure ain’t cheap – I’m probably looking at US$200 to get this to NZ. I still have reservations about the gameplay too. The Watch it Played preview is good, but there does seem to be a lot of pretty random ‘take that’ cardplay. At one stage a cavalry unit attacks a unit in the flank and gets wiped out purely due to the combo of cards played by the defender. I’d prefer to think that good tactics was going to bring me success, rather than just having the right cards at the right time. I still think the movement system looks flexible to the point of being easy to abuse. I’m also not a fan of movement trays and the way the units are locked into that formation.

    I don’t know. I’ll keep watching.


    I will probably drop out unless things change.

    Variant sculpts are of minimal value. Be more interesting to add some extra units for variety of play style and increased army size.

    I know they’re pushing for retail expansions, but if that’s the plan they should ignore KS and just make the game. For helping to fund they should give you more than variant poses which adds nothing gameplay.

    Some people have been requesting nude poses… that’s just sad! They’re tiny little bits of plastic.

    But knowing cmon… they’ll do a Paolo Perverte add-on


    Well, the Let’s Play video is indeed a lot better than the old one. The minis are truly beautiful, I’m just a little concerned that I haven’t seen a true pre-production copy. The ones in the video are prototypes (different material used) and the KS only shows renders. With the fine detail of the sculpts, the material will be important, much more so than Runewars with its bolder and simpler sculpts.

    The gameplay still leaves me cold (Runewars’ seems much more interesting to me), but the minis… man, the minis. The paintjobs shown are amazing too – way beyond what I can ever hope to accomplish – and that seems to mean they are aiming at a more experienced collector/painter market. Runewars tries to appeal to newcomers with its fairly simple paintjobs, tutorials and emphasis on quick-shading. On the other hand, ASoIaF helps non-painters with the differently-colored plastic. That’s really something they should have done for RW!

    AvatarUniversal Head

    I’m sure they’ll paint up well, but the nature of the figures themselves – standard fighting types – doesn’t excite me much. That’s why I enjoy painting Wrath of Kings figures, because they’re interesting minis with lots of character. I can see myself nodding off with boredom painting ranks of halberdiers…


    Alternate sculpts don’t increase the value. I want units adding so I don’t have to buy expansions.

    Unless something worthwhile added I’ll be dropping out of KS.

    800+ people have not selected a pledge, so probably in for a $1. That’s about 1 in 6 backers which is a lot.


    Well…will see what´s in there in the last day or so and decide if its worth 150$.

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