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    Not sure I could be more excited for this game. FFG announced it yesterday at Gen Con:



    I know, it’s an instant buy for me!!

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    Though I must admit I have way, way too many miniatures skirmish games, I’m sure I won’t be able to resist this one. The clincher is the head-to-head mode, which is a great idea; I sometimes find one-vs-cooperative play a bit restrictive.

    I hope there are enough differences in the system to set it apart from Descent in feel.

    I noted that FFG are, as usual, being very clever businesspeople by establishing a system of ‘Ally Packs’ and ‘Villain Packs’. I guess after the success of X-Wing, this kind of drip-feed figure expansion, a few figures at a time, is much more advantageous for them than releasing boxed expansions with lots of figures in them. Less risk, bigger margins etc.


    I also don’t think I will be able to resist this, even though I don’t imagine most of my gaming group will be interested. Sad I am thinking of spending so much on a game I am not sure I will ever get to play.

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    Bremic, you need another gaming group! The very fact that you’re here means you’ve got a hankering for highly thematic games. 🙂


    This has been a discussion I have been having with my wife after a few semi-failed board game events around Melbourne, Australia. Well, the events semi-failed for me.

    What I seem to like is strong theme, and goal driven. By that I mean the theme includes a goal rather than “Acquire Victory Points”. I like some of the more abstract games, but games dripping in theme where the goal fits the theme are awesome.

    The reason a lot of the board game events semi-fail for me, is most people at these events seem to be the opposite. I can’t seem to get the heavy theme games on the table, everyone seems to be more focused on the games they feel they can “solve”, rather than ones where the work towards a goal. The language for this is always all over the place, because of the mix of Euro vs Ameritrash, or Theme vs Abstract, or whatever. Different people express themselves differently, and there are so many concepts that blur the lines.

    I can say no matter how hard I try, I can’t get games like Cosmic Encounter to the table, where it’s a game with lots of chaos and lots of random elements. However the minute you talk about a resource management or area control game, people are all over it. As I said above, I think people like to Solve games, rather than be carried in unexpected directions.

    Oddly, it’s a similar thing with Cooperative vs Competitive. Coop games seem to be very rare at board gaming events, people seem to prefer to play games they can “win” against the other players, rather than with them.

    Fortunately, my regular gaming group is not like this. However I think the combo of “Star Wars” and “Descent like” is going to lead to “Why not just play Descent?”

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    By Zeus, if there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s a post-game math session where everyone totes up victory points. To me that’s the antithesis of fun. A quick look around the EOG collection (and a read of the About page) will show you that I have very little interest in those kind of games. Which is one of the reasons the EOG was formed.

    I know exactly what you’re going through, and I don’t understand those people either. I had someone say once when we had some dispute aabout a rule that it was important we sort it out because it messed with his ‘game engine’. Erk. No thanks. And if I hear that line one more time about “I might as well have thrown a die to see who won at the end” I’ll gag.

    I played a game of Mansions of Madness a few months ago where it all came down to a 1 in 10 chance on a single dice throw. And he made it. Everyone was standing around the table, everyone cheered and danced when he rolled the winning number, everyone was completely in the moment of what was happening. Now that’s a fun game. Not getting 5 VP because you have the third most green meeples, or whatever.

    I was born in Mebourne. Great town.

    PS Why not just play Descent? Because it’s Star Wars, dummies! 🙂


    I truly enjoy Descent. Great game. The dice mechanics are genius.

    However, if there was one thing I would change about it, it would be the way each scenario adds a multitude of strategic special rules that make the game more about achieving the objectives than a true fight-your-way-out dungeon crawl. In fact, I have considered writing up a new set of rules for that. A simplified version of D&D 4E, if you will.

    …This Star Wars game may actually quench my thirst. I shall, of course, be removing the shrink wrap from my copy as soon as I can get my hands on it.


    I have had similar thoughts. Some of my best gaming time has been in designing unique encounters for D&D 4E, but I am looking at starting doing an Adventure Path for Descent. Something that will have more player interaction with the story, and focus more on interesting elements.

    Also something which is a little less cut and dry “Overlord wins” or “Heroes win”. Perhaps have different events trigger different rewards, rather than just the victory or loss of a scenario.

    I had a D&D 4E adventure I never finished I am thinking of trying to convert.

    Also, I have a few ideas for stories I would love to tell in the Star Wars universe, and Imperial Assault would be amazing for that.


    This just made my day! I can’t wait to try this. The picture makes me want to borrow some of the SW miniatures for some of my Descent Games and create custom monster cards just for kicks! Four heroes vs an AT-ST walker! It makes a shadow dragon look like a mere ROUS (if you’ll pardon the princess bride reference).

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    Descent/Star Wars mashup. Love it.


    I think I’m the only person on the internet not looking forward to this game.

    I’m so invested in Descent, and I really like the figures and art and world there. I’ve bought everything released so far and will continue to buy anything they release. I really love the game that much. That alone though isn’t a good reason, I admit.

    I used to be a fan of Star Wars, big time. I’ve just found myself less and less interested in it as I age. No reason really (well maybe the really annoying guy in my office who watches it all the time and updates the whole office any time a rumor comes out about some Star Wars thing that may release in the next five to ten years), but I’ve just lost interest for the most part.

    I do think the package has a good chance of being a gateway game for lots of non-boardgamer Star Wars fans. Could help to grow the hobby in a very big way. And I know the guy in my office has already sworn to buy it so I imagine I’ll play it at some point. 🙂

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