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    I’m sure it will be a huge hit. And knowing my past history, I’ll probably end up getting it. But I am a little burnt out on floor-tiles-and-miniatures games of this style. I have so many in my collection and they do tend to be quite similar.

    There are a few tweaks to the formula, but nothing revolutionary. And of course, I suppose they’d be crazy to mess with such a successful system.


    I am already falling out of interest in Imperial Assault, and it’s not even out yet.

    To be honest, Descent is starting to fall out of favor with my group, and the last couple of expansions are still in their shrink wrap. The problem is one of progression style. Very quickly the game turns into repeating exactly the same strategies to try to get control of the board, rather than changing your play style to suit the encounter.

    Descent may as well be named “Corridor Blocking with pretty pieces”, because most of the time you are trying to get past something in the way, rather than battle the bad guy. Whichever side you are on.

    Assuming this will have the same problems as Descent, and the fact that they have announced 7 expansions three months before the game is released; and this is just seeming to be another shelf filler, and there are too many good games out there that are different and evoke less frustration to invest anything more than a passing interest in Imperial Assault.

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    I just had an idea what they should do with these types of games. Instead of making it all jigsaw tiles and corridors, add some large specialised boards (fold out game board sized), with die-cut holes in them that thick wall pieces and special features fit into to give them a 3D feel. One of the reasons Imperials Assault doesn’t grab me is that tight corridors and small rooms doesn’t fit with my idea of Star Wars battles. You could still have a few of those, but imagine a board-sized spaceship hangar or a large cantina or a street on Tatooine. The battles would be more tactical and the whole feel of the game would change.

    FFG could even sell them as individual expansions.


    That is a great idea. If I could thumbs up your post, I would.

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    We need some thinking outside the (game) box!


    Star Wars in a dungeon crawler? Yes please.

    I’ve pre-ordered everything I can for this. Then again, I’ve never played descent. I think the only dungeon crawler I have is Mice & Mystics. I did order Legend of Drizzt the other day though.

    But yeah, SW:IA is a game that will see a lot of table time in our group. I didn’t blindly buy it just because of the license (although it helps). I’ve watched & read the early reviews out there. It looks like. Game I’d want to play.

    Now I just have to wait for it to come out!

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    You’re lucky ozmo, for you the whole system will be quite fresh!


    I’m the same as Ozmo. I held off on Descent for quite a LONG time as much as I knew we’d love it and with Imperial Assault, it was a no brainer.. once I found a site that I could order from ( I did so and paid it in full rather hastily.

    I’ve also managed to get my hands on a copy in the meantime and can only discuss the Core Set side of it due to NDA (since the Core has been released overseas, lucky buggers), and without the minis at present: It is just what I always wanted in a tabletop game like this. I can’t wait for December to rock around and hoping it arrives in Dec rather than Jan.

    Also, hi to everyone! I’ve been a long time voyeur with the reference sheets and soon the painting guides but my wife and I love our thematic games (Arkham Horror, Eldritch Horror – also beta’d that -, Mansions of Madness and a few others) and I should have come here into the forum midst a long time ago.

    Additionally, I’m another fellow Australian here. Born and bred in QLD, went to VIC and now just over the border in SA. Unfortunately for us, our gaming group has broken up mostly due to time constraints but my wife and son (15) both love playing board games or roleplaying.

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    Welcome! Great to have another Australian here, I think there are a few Aussies and Kiwis hereabouts.

    I’m curious about why you think it’s so good, can you tell us more?


    I turned to my wife and son first to answer that question, responses below! Both have played through the Introduction mission and their first Side Mission as Rebels in the campaign.

    It adds that sense of urgency and even losing progresses the storyline. The way the classes are designed are varied.

    There are both male and female characters of varying roles. Depending on what abilities you purchase with your XP, it makes replayability a big thing as one person can play one class different to someone else. The fact that you can choose who goes when in the round rather than having a set/random initiative, so you can react to whatever the Imperial Player does. The game itself is of mid-length, so it is reasonable to play on a school night. The best thing about it is everyone of us enjoys it and it encourages teamwork and problem solving skills in our son (15 y/o, ADHD/Aspergers).

    And then comes myself. Pre-emptive apology, beware of the text!

    I’ve now run two missions as the Imperial Player and while we are still learning (only played a few games so far, these two missions above and one other test run), we are having fun learning it. We also own D&D Wrath of Ashardalon and Gears of War, as examples, and there are parts of those that irk us. Whether it be longer times to get used to things (Gears of War) or overthinking in D&D Ashardalon due to our roleplaying backgrounds, Imperial Assault has had moments like that (Locked door? Can I do a skill check to open it?) but in a more positive way. The door idea, for instance, I am thinking of things like that when I get around to making my own missions (read that as “IF” as I procrastinate) and therefore campaign.

    I agree with what they both said above but have a few little bits to add (in no particular order):

    • Duration of each mission so far is no longer than two hours.
    • I could not stop smiling when listening to them two actually sit there and discuss who goes first (whats on second >.>) and what should they do when thinking on what I COULD activate on my turn or potentially what could trigger when they open a door. For seeing them both that way was amazing since the son is a hard person to nail down for some of our games (i.e. Eldritch Horror he can but not always).
    • I am still finding myself holding back punches but that last mission made me realise I need to learn to not. I think ultimately I worry I’ll scare them but honestly, there seems like a lot of tug of war. I could be nasty and infact they can dish it right back when in a tight corner!
    • The maps I thought were small at first but after the first, the others seem large enough for not feeling cloistered and having room to plan (not counting the AT-ST in that, it was still awkward and I wished so bad to shoot someone with it).
    • It isn’t just the Rebels who get classes, which is a plus, as as the Overlord/Imperial Player, you get a choice of three class decks to vary your playstyle. Generalising it, one enhances Stormtroopers, another is improving Technology and the last is more Spy/ISB related.
    • As the Imperial Player, you can inject new missions in that the players have to think “Crap, do we do that or let him get the bonus and we choose a different mission?” or perhaps even force them into a mission before they get to spend their hard earned credits/XP (good example would be say they fail a mission, they could then be captured and that is their next mission).
    • (I did warn you before I did this…) Last but not least and this is more assumption since I lack them: The miniatures. We have A Touch of Evil and Mansions of Madness are yet to be painted but nothing will stop me painting the Imperial Assault ones as from the pictures, they look damn fine!.

    I don’t mind answering specific questions since the Core Set is out, as I said earlier, but obviously I can’t answer any What If’s. I am though looking forward to when it is released to the rest of the world and not just Essen and we see what ideas people come up with for missions/house rules.

    I know we’ve got a house rule already on one aspect, again, gotta love having a house of roleplayers!

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    Fantastic, great to get that detailed overview. It does sound similar to Descent but it also seems like the campaign and progression system is refined somewhat.

    Who am I kidding, I know I’ll be getting it, I’m a sucker for these types of games. 🙂

    BTW, isn’t it great to see gender equality becoming more common in boardgames? I was thinking about this the other day with Robinson Crusoe, whose character cards have male and female character illustrated sides. FFG are very good with this too, with a good mix of female characters in their games that are usually fully dressed for a change and not wearing bloody chainmail bikinis! Good to hear that continues in IA.


    The Robinson Crusoe idea with the characters is impressive and my wife and I both agree that it is great seeing the equality spreading out more and more.

    As for progression/campaign too, the way it works in this is you have the introduction mission, then a deck of cards you set up for side missions which is one card per hero for their personal mission, some green cards the Rebels choose some from and then a few randoms thrown in of the last type. After the first mission, there is two side missions drawn and the Rebels choose which they want to go on, the other staying there till next time. After that side mission comes the resulting Story Mission of whether you won or lost the Introduction.

    This is basically how it goes, tit for tat, except there is one or two times where it is two side missions between a story. Overall, there is *gets the sheet*…

    Introduction, Side Mission, Story Mission, Side, Story, Side, Side, Story, Side, Story, Finale.

    Any time after the end of a mission, the Imperial Player can Force a mission on the players if they purchased it in their purchase step post-mission as well.

    I don’t know how Descent did it, I know I wanted to try it for the Campaign expansion at one point but we’re finding this to scratch the itch well enough that the son wanted to play another mission straight after the first.

    I definitely know I’ll be reviewing this when I get my hands on the proper copy as I’ve been slack the last year or so with reviews (only done about 4 I think? Arkham Horror, Blood Bowl Team Manager, and a few others and still not done one for Eldritch)

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