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    The topic title above was the warm and welcoming message I received from universal head when I finally registered for the EOG forums today. Good to see he’s continuing a long tradition of Australian hospitality despite having moved to the land of world-class hops.

    Despite having appeared in quite a few game session reports now, it’s taken me this long to register because … well I don’t know really, slackness and distraction by three children may have something to do with it. For instance, it’s school holidays here now and, having played Mission 2 of Space Hulk 2nd edition with my five-year old son this morning, we fired up a game of Pandemic with this two sisters, 7 and 9, this afternoon, which they won with ONE card to spare.

    I fear I’ve created a monster, because now he’s busy creating a board for HeroScape, the pieces of which came courtesy of universal head after my wife bought a set on EBay, cited as being “complete in all components”, only to find on opening the box that it had no board (and example of caveat emptor if ever there was one).

    So it’s gaming central here, and there will be some fresh videos coming your way soon as I’m heading over the ditch again in July to remind Peter how much he enjoys losing. Hello to all and thanks for watching!



    Universal Head

    Ladies and gentlemen, WILL HAS JOINED THE FORUMS! 🙂

    Universal Head

    Only less than three weeks to go Will!


    Hello Will! Thanks for coming over so we can enjoy your battle reports!



    It is good to see you on the forums here Will. I always look forward to the battle report videos for you just as much as Universal Head. I think your playstyle is closer to my own. Both of you have such a good dynamic together for making very entertaining videos. I really appreciate the effort that must go into you two gaming since you need to travel to a different country. The fact that you guys spend that little extra time to record it is great.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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