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    ‘ello Universal Head and fellow gaming Acolytes!

    My sister and I have just finished our latest foray into the now blood-soaked lands of Middle Earth. After a dozen plays of War of the Ring Second Edition, we now almost feel slightly more able than totally, bafflingly incompetent. We may never reach the glorious tactical heights of your play throughs with Will, but we do try!

    Attached is a picture at the conclusion of this afternoons misadventure, our first game integrating the Lords of Middle Earth expansion, which didn’t end well for the Free Peoples… I dominated the early part of the game, the Fellowship flying through the Gap of Rohan with no corruption, Boromir rallying the beleaguered forces of Minas Tirith, and Gandalf leading an army of Rohirrim to retake Pelargir… however, as always seems to happen when we play this bastardly addictive game (regardless of the faction), I was doomed to ultimate failure and abject humiliation.

    The Balrog was summoned and boiled Lady Galadriel alive in a pool of her own prophesising-juices, then sliced Legolas the Elf Prince in two while storming the Woodland Realm, and one by one the Strongholds of the Free People fell. No sooner had the Fellowship set foot on the steps of Mount Doom, than Minas Tirith fell to the Shadow. What a glorious game, our best yet.

    Thanks UH for all your glorious player-aids that have prevented me from raising my personal Terror Track (would hate for the General Store to close on account of the tedium of learning new games from the manual!), hilarious play throughs, and for those Call of the Wild painting vids that got me started on this miniature painting trip a couple of years ago. Since then, Mansions and all its expansions and every War of the Ring figure have seen the end of a paintbrush. Cthulhu Wars, Fury of Dracula and Battle of the Five Armies are next on the painting block. Many, many hours of bonding, playing, painting and hilarity with my friends and family can be attributed to your influence, thank you ever so much.

    My sister and I are actually coming over on our first trip to the land of the Enz and Hobbits in the first half of January, neither of us having been to your beautiful country, have you any insights into must see sights, sounds and Eldritch terrors that should really be experienced? We’ve read Call of Cthulhu, we know about the schooner Emma that set sail from Auckland, and the demoniac noises that emanate from from your fire-blasted hilltops…

    Many regards,

    War of the Ring

    Universal Head

    Joe, I’m so sorry I didn’t reply to this excellent post earlier, it slipped between the cracks. Great stuff, and I’m so glad I’m in some very small part contributing to your gaming enjoyment.

    There’s a gadzillion things to do in New Zealand, but I’m prejudiced when it comes to the south island, which has absolutely spectacular scenery and some stunning places to visit. The north island has its fair share of sights too, but I’m less famiiar with them. Mt Cook is gorgeous if you’re lucky with the weather. The west coast is wild and beautiful and leads down to the amazing Franz Josef and Fox glaciers. Queenstown is great for adventure activities (though a bit touristy). Milford Sound is hard to get to but worth it. If you’re into walking (or tramping as they call it here) there are some of the best multi-day walks in the world.

    Seriously, there’s so much to do and see I hardly know where to start. Hope you have a fantastic trip and welcome to the EOG !


    Hi Joe,
    I see you have plenty of games already including Cthulhu Wars (I was too chicken to back that) but I would wholeheartedly suggest Eldritch Horror as a worthy addition to you collection. It seems easier and more streamlined to play than Arkham Horror and just as thematic. My wife enjoys it especially since the banishing of Yog-Sothoth after the previous global catastrophe that was Azathoth.

    Sorry to hear of your “ultimate failure and abject humiliation” after such a promising start.
    There is always the rematch isn’t there.


    Thanks for the replies, chaps!

    We’re predominantly doing the North Island, but we’ll try to sneak in some nice things in the days before we depart from Christchurch (would love to make it down to where they filmed Willow/Boromir’s death scene/Isengard). We love a good tramp, so we’ll see what we can do.

    Are there any good gaming events/shops that would be worth stopping in on?

    Universal Head

    Good game shops are pretty thin on the ground in NZ, sadly! There’s a decent one in Auckland called King of Cards. No meet-ups I know of in January, but have a Google.


    Had a gorgeous time, mostly North Island… visited KareKare Beach, Rivendell, climbed Mt. Tongariro, played Hobbit: Love Letter in the Green Dragon Inn. Super timez.

    Am inspired to explore the Lord of the Rings cooperative cardgame, is it any good?

    Universal Head

    Excellent! I’d love to go up and visit Hobbiton myself. Glad you had a good time.

    The LOTR LCG is excellent, and it’s a very good solo game too, though it can be quite challenging (as evidenced by FFG concocting an ‘easy mode’ after the original publication).

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