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    I don’t believe that universal head uses an airbrush, which is totally fine. I didn’t use one for a long time.e
    But around my sixth army, I figured “why not?” I’m a big fan of Infinity and I really wanted to achieve all those nice smooth gradients in my terrain.

    …all I can say is… wow. My mind is blown. I’m saving time, but more importantly saving money. This is WAY easier than rattle-cans and is honestly saving me a lot of frustration with them. Plus, I can prime in any weather – not an issue for a lot of folks, but an issue for me in Ohio. 😀

    I resisted so long, but really, I’m glad I finally gave in. It’s faster, easier, and at least for somethings – basecoating and priming – it feels like an outright upgrade to my old method.



    I know neither of these are amazing but they’re both “good” and took me about 60% of the time they normally would.

    AvatarUniversal Head

    I do use an airbrush very occasionally but only for speciality stuff like vehicles. Perhaps I should try it for proming and base coating too! It’s just cleaning the thing that I find annoying…


    I have finally started painting minis in may and I have an airbrush because a friend recommended starting right away with one. But I have my doubts about using it in my living room/kitchen (no other place) due to the fine dust settling everywhere…so I do not use it atm. Hope to get there someday though 🙂


    I currently have a borrowed airbrush from a friend at my hobby table and tried a few things. Priming with it is definitely great, and next up is a bit of a vehicle/warmachine on which I’ll try to do the base colors with the airbrush too.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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