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    AvatarUniversal Head

    Yes, if he wanted a concept, I think a good illustration or two would have done the job!


    Those cigar-chomping space apes need to be in Hawaiian shirts. Maybe I’ll just paint their space/armour suits – Oh that is another project along with WoK.

    I’d totally forgotten about the concepts for the Dust Alien faction.
    Weren’t they originally slatted for the 4th expansion when FFG started distributing Dust Tactics ?

    AvatarUniversal Head

    Yes, and Parente is still planning to bring them back apparently, though the Japanese come first.

    AvatarCK Lai

    Haha. Maybe we can use the Japanese for Tannhauser also 😀


    Alkemy is a miniatures game set in a medieval fantasy universe. The game was created by Allan Carrasco, Jeremy Bonamant Teboul and Josselin Moreau, they created Kraken Editions company. The game was released in France in late 2007 and was a big success, he had been released in English version too, with some success in England, Germany and the United States. Unfortunately, Kraken Editions has stopped its activity in September 2010. Studio 38 company took over the game license in March 2011 and continued development for two and a half years.

    An amazing discovery
    I discovered the game in early 2008 and I liked Alkemy right away, becoming a fan of the game. With the release of the book of universe Genesis at end 2008 (English version, my passion for the game does not end. I played a lot, and I participated in tournaments, I began to organize, and I created a campaign on Alkemy forum in 2009, bringing together players from the community in France. I became a beta tester of the game in March 2010, and it was a real slap for the fan that I am, discovering the future of the game. In September 2010, despite the judgment of Kraken Editions company, I began the second Alkemy campaign on the forum, and I organized in October 2010 the final “unofficial”.

    Player to head of the community
    When Studio 38 resumed the license of the game, they contacted me for that I run management rules, the review of the game profiles with the help of a group of players called Galleon and the bustling community. So I continued the organization of tournaments, the finals, I also worked with communication game (newsletter, creation of a personal website for the game), as well as new profile cards that I proposed in download from my website (in French and English).

    For the game to be alive
    In March 2013, Studio 38 announced that they were not going to continue the development of the game, do not have enough time (they have a miniature store in France). They thus asked me if I wanted to restore the license of the game. For me, it was impossible that the game ends and I feared that no company regains the license. So I contacted the players collective Galleon. We worked for months on the project. With 7 friends and fans of the game, we created Alchemist Miniatures company in December 2013 to continue the development of miniature gaming.

    It’s different but nothing changes
    The first version of the game (2007) is played on a table 48 inches x 36 inches, with 10 to 12 average miniatures (300 points). The game lasts between 1h30 to 2h. We adapted the game in a new format called “blitz”. The goal was to have another version of the game faster, without changing the rules. A game to blitz size is played on a table 24 x 24 inches, 6 to 7 miniatures on average (180 points). The game lasts 45 minutes to 1 hour. This version of the game knows a good success in France. For those familiar with the first version of the game, the rules are exactly the same.

    A website and an online shop
    We have created a website for the game: (in French but it is possible to use the translator on the website), and an online store entirely in English: with the entire range of miniatures and their English profile cards, and the rulebook printed in English (pdf online here:

    What we have achieved since the resumption
    14 Waves for 20 new models
    Restocking of all ancient miniatures (kraken éditions and studio 38)
    Objectives pawns (terminals jins, chests, teleporters, spores) to play the scenarios
    Textured bases
    2 battle mats
    Engraved dice
    8 starting offers / starters blitz and packages
    You can see all products in the online store:

    Highlights of the game
    – The wide availability of the rules, a player can play a part after 45 minutes, even from the age of 7/8 years.
    – Fun. Often forgotten, but a game is to have fun first. The dice, combat cards, points, simple rules, interaction between the 2 players make Alkemy game is a very fun game miniatures.
    – Wealth and tactical depth. After the first part and learned rules, you will further refine your knowledge and your strategy after several parties.
    – Scenarios. They all have different mechanical and each scenario offers a different approach to the game, a reflection …
    – Table size (24×24 inches), speed of the game and only 5-6 painted miniatures to deliver a first part.
    – Miniatures. Felidae Khalimans to Aurloks-animal men, and through the medieval human Avalon and Asian Triadic, the miniatures are original and give a special touch to Alkemy, coming out of the known standards.
    – The universe. This is one of the main highlights of the game. Alkemy is primarily a universe rich, dense and deep, strong history and an evolutionary timeline, mapping, the colorful characters that make the Disposal at the game table is even stronger!

    The Game Forum
    The Alkemy Forum exists since the beginning of the game. We just changed the sections of Alkemy forum with mixed sections (French and English), and we created the English sections so to welcome new players, answer questions, including … to provide opportunities for English players to participate in future Chronicle of Mornea … Do not hesitate to come to the forum and register:

    The Chronicles of Mornea
    This is a organized game on the forum Alkemy each year. Chronicles begin on September 1 and last until late May. Each month there is a scenario to play, the game is individual and as a team. You play at home, in your club, your store, you post the result on Alkemy forum in the “Chronicles of Mornea” section. You can play many times in the months and there is no obligation to participate every month. You can simply play by posting the result of the scenario or you can play with the challenges sheet. At the end of each month we draw lots and 4 people earn lots. Also, the 2 best scores of the month qualify for the French final. The future chronicles (1st September 2015) will also be in English, allowing English players to participate, and especially, they will support and be connected with a big event for the game …

    Two new factions to wake Mornea
    We will launch a crowfunding by kickstarter early October to create two new factions, Naashtis and Utopia. If you read the Genesis story you’ve heard of Naashtis the people snake decimated by the Empire of the Jade Triad during the alchemical war. They had disappeared from the Mornea surface. The Naashtis are the masters of fire and they resurface of “citadels” buried throughout Mornea … As for the people of Utopia, is the result of interbreeding of men the Kingdom of Avalon banned a long time ago and a forgotten people of the ocean of Dreams. From their union and their wanderings at sea was born a new society. But a cataclysm came upon them and they landed on an island where they discovered ancient artifacts. The idea to settle on the great continent germinated in the mind of some …

    A game ported by enthusiasts
    Alchemist Miniatures Team is primarily players who are passionate about this fabulous game and universe. Alkemy is not our core business, we take care of more of our real trades. I started Alkemy in 2008, I’ve always worn, “defended” even in difficult times and crises that the game has known. Our desire is always the same: to discover this fabulous game system, this magnificent universe and its beautiful miniatures. Feel free to spread the word to shout very loudly, Alkemyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 🙂

    Find links to all
    The book of the universe in English (Genesis):
    The rules of the game in English:
    The online store:
    Alkemy forum:
    Facebook page:
    Architekt, the army generator and scenario:

    AvatarUniversal Head

    You’re obviously very passionate about this game and it’s interesting to learn about it – I must admit it had never come across my radar!

    Is there a way to download the rulebook, or can you only read it on the website in that viewer?

    From a complete newbie to the game’s point of view, if you want to make inroads into the English market, an English version of the website would be essential. Google translate gives you the basics but the translation isn’t ideal, obviously. The other thing that would make a big impact is a less blog-like site and something more evocative and interesting to draw new players in. I realise all that takes time and money, but the current site is rather dry and uninviting.

    Thanks for telling us about Alkemy!

    AvatarCK Lai

    @UH: You can download the revised rules on Issuu. Then there’s the Genesis book with the background fluff from the same location. It’s just that the Issuu website isn’t very intuitive to use. I’m currently doing a Universal Head-style rules summary for myself. 😀

    Nicoleblond also has the Engliah stat cards available on his site.

    I totally agree about having a native English website to attract more players rather than the current google translated one.

    The Alkemy forum is predominantly French as is the registration process. There is an English section but there’s not much content there.

    Still, the game first came out around 2008/2009 (?) with some innovative game play concepts. I think it still holds up today. What I like is that the game is scenario based and not simply “kill off the other guy”.

    Looks fun to play and I hope to get my Alkemy minis soon.

    AvatarCK Lai

    @ UH: if you like, I can email the Alkemy rules to you.

    AvatarUniversal Head

    @nicoleblond – when communicating to your audience, don’t put any barriers in the way! 🙂 My advice is to stop using the Issuu system and just have a downloadable PDF link so potential players can easily download and read the rules in their own time.

    @CK Lai – thanks mate, stick ‘head’ before this domain name and you’ll have my address. I definitely won’t be getting into another fantasy tabletop minis game, but I’m always curious to read other rules systems.

    AvatarCK Lai

    @ UH: Email sent!

    AvatarCK Lai

    Argh. I got 2 Starter Boxes in the mail today and discovered they aren’t enough to play even the pared-down 180 point Blitz Mode on a 2 x 2 board.

    Sigh. More waiting till more boxes turn up in the mail…

    AvatarCK Lai

    So I’ve got 2 games under my belt. One was using just troops from 2 Starter Sets which aren’t even enough to play a Blitz Mode game (180 pts). But I went ahead anyway to learn the game mechanics.

    1 day later, reinforcements popped up and I was able to field 2 full 180 pt warbands playing on a 2 x 2 battleboard. A brief after action report can be found here: Alkemy Battle Report

    My brief review:

    Alkemy is a true skirmish game with about 6-11 units a side in either Blitz and Standard Mode.

    The sculpts are very pleasing to the eye, and ease of assembly is comparable to WoK’s pegs and slots. A few figures needed to have the pegs shaved before fitting, but nothing major to complain about. Painted figures found on the Internet show the figures will paint up very nicely indeed.

    The Gameplay: Gameplay is very nice, and moves quickly with alternating activations per side with a small twist: some basic line troops need to be activated in pairs. This is indicated on their stat cards.

    Players need to choose between several movement types in order to achieve their objectives: basic movement (but cannot enter combat); engagement (walk into combat); charge into combat (but no more movement after that) or running (but no combat).

    Alkemy is more about Action Point (AP) management and shrewd tactical play. This may sound like heresy but for small scale skirmishes (around 10 or less minis) I might prefer this to even WoK!

    AP management: most basic units get 2 APs, that you can spend in the usual way. Some elite troops get 3 APs. Heroes and named characters get 4 APs, thus making them feel really special! And the bonus is: if you have APs left over after your activation, you may either use them to react to an attack (more of this under Combat) or re-activate the miniature later on. Now, that is true tactical flexibility!

    Magic: what is a fantasy skirmish game without magic? Alkemy comes with magic users and a unique rule: while the magic users (shamans) carry about some alchemical stones, but you need components corresponding to your shamanic affinity (earth, wind, fire, water) to activate your spells. You gains these components by “harvesting” them from the scenery.

    Combat: This is where (for me) Alkemy really shines. You may again choose between several Combat modes (using Combat Cards) that you you a bonus and/or a disadvantage. The combat procedure also varies depending on Combat modes chosen.

    Example: I charge into combat and I get 1 bonus attack die. I choose a Brutal Attack, that gives me added damage at the cost of poorer Reaction Rolls. This is important because my opponent can choose to either react with another Combat Mode (in which case we have to perform a Reaction Roll to see who attacks first) or a Parry (in which case I may porceed with my attack and then he rolls to see if he parries my attack with some bonus die rolls) or he does nothing (in which case my attack is unhindered).

    The other genius bits about combat is: you normally roll 2 dice, with a max of 3 (bonus die). But you get to choose the best TWO die rolls and use those for your results. And while I’m normally not a fan of the “roll to see if you hit, then roll to see if the opponent responds, then roll to see how much damage you inflict” type of Combat, Alkemy neatly sidesteps all that.

    The opposed combat rolls (via the Combat Cards) make you feel very involved in gameplay, even when you are not the active player. And damage is already calculated using special symbols on the dice that feature swords, axes and maces in addition to the normal 1-6 numbers. So one combat roll is all you need to see if you hit, and how much damage you do. Nice!

    Special mention for the dice: you get 6 colour-coded dice in each Starter Set. 2 White (Normal health); 2 Yellow (Seriously Wounded) and 2 Red (critically wounded) with attendant reduction in combat and initiative and reaction capabilities. Not much record keeping is needed beyong keeping track of your HPs. Very neat!

    Lastly, while you can play the “wipe out all your opponents to win” type of games, Alkemy is actually scenario-based, so you usually win by achieving your objectives. It gives a varied feel for the gameplay, as you can be down to your last mini while your opponent has more, and you still have a chance to win if you can meet your objectives before your opponent.

    Finally, the pros & cons (for me, YMMV):

    – very tactical gameplay, especially combat
    – neat game mechanics that make game play flow smoothly, with little record-keeping
    – nice minatures
    – scenario-based games
    – scalable gameplay

    – Tough to get the original Kraken Starter Sets
    – Rulebook in the Kraken Starter Sets has horrible printing quality and needs some clarification

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