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    AvatarCK Lai

    LOL… thanks… I think.

    I’m winding down… honest! I’m not even going for CMON’s Game of Thrones KS later this year, that’s how serious I am… 😉


    Sigh… I was feeling good about my KS list….

    Then I went to FFG website today… three announcements on my ‘must buy’ list.

    Heart of Empire expansion for Imperial Assault

    Three villains and allies for it… Darth Maul, the Emperor and Ahsoka.

    Rise of the Empire for Rebellion… but don’t tell UH as he hates Rogue One movie…

    AvatarUniversal Head

    Absolutely, feeling much better now! 🙂


    @CK Lai Thats what you tell yourself now…but wait until it is up…that will be a whole other story 🙂

    AvatarCK Lai

    @UH and others : so glad to be of assistance 😛

    @Soulsocerer : Haha! I shall stick to my vow… mainly because it’s a tabletop minis game. And CMON Kickstarters no longer represent good value since they went public last year.

Viewing 5 posts - 13 through 17 (of 17 total)
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