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    Universal Head

    I’ve been avoiding Kickstarter for a while now – it’s getting too rich for my blood, especially with shipping costs. But I haven’t heard about anything particularly interesting in the pipeline either. Anyone backed anything interesting?


    I’ve late pledged to Crusader Kings, because I liked the explanation video and love the era/historical setting. But apart from that not much currently going on.

    Habe you seen this project by a WETA employee (Tabletop Troubadour on Facebook? Looks like they are planning a KS or similar for September.



    Given GW release schedule this year and the quality of products, I haven’t the spare cash…

    And when GW announce something I don’t have to wait a year for product.

    KS is just preorder system, no matter what they say, and I’d rather wait weeks than months, or even years, assuming the product even turns up… which is never certain with KS.

    Hellboy was my last pledge (other than the free stat clips for Mythic Battles).

    And I’m sick of the ‘KS only products’ that the likes of Mythic are pumping out.

    Yes… plastic miniatures are nice, but if you can’t sell your game without resorting to extorting money from backers with the words ‘KS exclusive’ then maybe your game is not worth making.

    CK Lai

    To give a counterpoint: the reason why Mythic is going KS-only is the games would have a prohibitive retail cost (due to the amount of content) and they aren’t willing to compromise their vision since KS now offers them an alternative to the traditional retail-only outlet.

    As a reminder: Monolith said they actually lost money on their Conan game when it went retail due to the massive retail discounts they had to give.

    Also, a lot of other, smaller games are also KS-only (mainly) due to the fact the creators aren’t able to secure distribution deals because they are either first-timers or too small to get s distribution deal.

    We can debate the various merits of the games themselves, but having the KS-only route vs the retail isn’t one worth making.


    For decades I avoided GW because of the price and their obsession with spikes miniatures.

    This year they have released so many products at reasonable prices… Kill Team, Soul Wars, Necromunda, Battle of Pelennor Fields… and that’s just the ones I bought.

    And the list goes on…

    Underworlds: Nightvault looks more interesting than Shadespire with the addition of the Haunt and spells.

    Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress takes the quest game to the 40K universe, which looks interesting.

    And the fact that their products arrive within a few months, or even weeks of announcement makes them a lot more appealing that KS, as sometimes I’m so tired of waiting for delayed KS to arrive that I have lost interest in them entirely.

    Will I avoid KS completely? Probably not… but the endless delays and impending brexit cockup with potential import fees make it a lot less appealing.

    CK Lai

    Yes. The long wait time (typical 12 -15 months) is certainly not appealing and one of the weaknesses of KS miniatures-heavy games.

    I’ve managed to hold off the GW colossus until Kill Team came out. Now I’ve also succumbed and I’m building a Tau Kill Team so GW must be doing something right 😀


    Yet another of the KS I backed is dragging its feet and delayed by another six months probably.

    I know ks is prone to delays, but sick of it now.

    Because many KS fail to hit deadlines it has become the accepted norm… it shouldn’t be the case.

    If one company regularly failed to deliver on time you wouldn’t use them…

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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