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    And Storm Golems. I stepped away from the silver and went to grey with bone accesories.

    I will try to get some more conversions in the weeks to come. Gotta get the camera out again……and then I have to deal with the horror that is photobucket.

    UH any way you can change the title of this thread to be more generic for AT-43?




    Found another….This is what happened to the other half of the Grim Golem conversion. I was left with lots of bodies and lots of guns, so they became the Ravage Golems. They lost their spikes but are now dual weilding mo’s and are led by an overseer bearing dual nucleus rifles for any long range issues.


    Universal Head

    Hi Dreddnought – I’m really enjoying these, keep them coming. Love the conversions. Great to see that someone out there is still playing and enjoying AT-43. One day in my dotage when I have time I’m going to make a proper tribute website to AT-43 and Confrontation.

    I agree that officers weren’t well distinguished in the game system. What I did was put officers on more elaborate resin bases – ones that made them higher than the normal troops and made them stand out.



    It has been a while, but like you UH, I will never be giving up on this game. Here’s Lucius in white Knight mode

    I couldn’t get any thunder trikes at a decent price so I built my own by cutting some buggies down to size

    I had some left over bits which I mixed up with a fire crawler and made a transport

    And some left over pilot heads turned a couple of mortar K units into pure melee fighters. I called them K-Rushers because they rush and Krush. I tried to follow the walking refrigerator theme by borrowing Harvest Gold from 1970’s kitchen appliances


    Universal Head

    These are very inspiring! I’ve always wanted to do a little AT-43 kitbashing. The vehicle is superb! I love the colour you’ve chosen for the ‘K-rushers’ and it actually inspires me to repaint them; perhaps each type of unit could do with a different colour, because at the moment it can be hard to tell the difference between Karman units at a glance. Great face repaints too.

    Really, really nice work. Show us more.

Viewing 5 posts - 13 through 17 (of 17 total)

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