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    In my opinion Netflix is really oversaturating their product. It’s getting difficult to sort through all of the offerings to find something that really grabs your interest.

    Luckily, I gave this Irish film a shot, and wasn’t sure why I liked the the main character so much until I realized he was “The Onion Knight” from GoT.

    Not since “Dead Man’s Shoes” have I found a revenge tale so satisfying- and this one has some laugh out loud dark comedy moments to boot. give it a look!

    Universal Head

    Cheers – always good to get some recommendations to sort through the mess that is Netflix! Of course I have the NZ version, so I may not have access to everything others do, but I’ll check it out. I can’t stand the way they organise the films, and also that sneaky trick of constantly changing the preview images so it looks like everything’s new!

    Started watching a German series called Babylon Berlin last night but I had to stop because it had terrible American overdubbing. I can’t stand watching overdubbed foreign films, they really shouldn’t force that choice on you. I’m quite happy to read subtitles thanks!

    I’m halfway through an interesting Korean horror film called The Wailing at the moment (it’s long so I broke it into two). 🙂 It’s got very good reviews.


    I’m not sure how you are watching Netflix, but I know that at least on the AppleTV you can change the audio on shows and select the language you want, if the show supports it. Babylon Berlin is in German with English subtitles on Netflix, and it is far superior to the overdubbed version… and I’m used to American accents 😉 Its a good show.

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    I’ll check that out, thanks, I thought I didn’t have a choice!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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