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    I just watched the playthrough video of BaC, and i have to say I was pretty impressed.
    Right after watching it – I took the advice of Graydeath and purchased the game on ebay less the minis for under $20.

    You can definitely proxy the minis with little trouble for this.

    I have always been a fan of the 40K universe, but I DO NOT like the ruleset for 40K, as I think it is rather clunky and fiddly. BaC is a simpler boardgame that can be played with minis that looks to have a pretty tight ruleset.

    I just wanted to give UH a “Thanks” for providing this great forum for all of us with similar tastes in games to gather and form discussions – as my purchase of the Betrayal at Calth game was a direct result of reading this thread!

    Universal Head

    Thanks briscoe999, appreciated.


    by the way, Issue 94 of the White Dwarf magazine has a bonus Betrayal at Calth scenario. however, it requires two sets of boards. heheh, those sneaky GW guys are making you buy a magazine and another set of the game to play a scenario!

    (worked on me…)

    roy batty

    I can’t believe the prices this stuff goes for away from the UK – its not right.

    Still enjoying the game, and I picked up a set of extra boards off the internets for the new WD scenarios too. Have yet to give it a run through.

    Maybe we need a ‘Betrayal at Calth – is it crap” video to join the Dreadfleet one! So glad i kept all my Man O War stuff – now thats a classic.


    I am debating on whether or not to get a second set myself (less the minis of course). I think an extra set of dice would be very helpful and used all the time (my copy didn’t arrive yet so i am only speculating). The second set of boards would be good as backups and also to use for the WD scenario that requires 2 sets (although i am assuming nobody tried that WD scenario yet to see if it is any good).

    If one was to get a second set of boards/dice, now would be the time to get it because it is dirt cheap!

Viewing 5 posts - 13 through 17 (of 17 total)
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