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    Blackout is a post-apocalyptic dungeon crawler for 1-4 players. Players take control of 1 or more characters and venture out into the Northern Wastes in search of glory and renown. Blackout is a mission-based leveling system that offers savage combat and rewarding exploration. Blackout is designed for solo, and co-op play, offering 15-20 hours of play.

    Check it out. Only 13 days to go. Happy Halloween!!!


    I am watching this, but it has been cancelled twice already, once when it was funded. Been slow climb in funding last two weeks, but to be fair, I’m pledged to Z-War and that’s stalled.


    Yes, this is the 3rd iteration, but the creator listened to backer input to relaunch and improve the game and the campaign. It is funded now and so close to unlocking the next stretch goal and on the climb. The original campaign had 4 enemies. The new one has 14 enemies, which also increases the overall time and number of missions. With all enemies it is 10 Missions, which offers a good 15 hours for a single play-through. The game is also fully CO-OP and the event system guarantees that no two mission play out in the same manner. As far as the miniatures go, the original 4 heroes are the same but now there are alternate male and female of each type, and 2 additional companion classes. Most of the enemies have been re-sculpted and offer 3 poses per enemy type. They are far more dynamic and the Nightgaunt has been redesigned and resculpted. The Devourer was not part of the original campaign and gives the players a large boss to battle at the end of the campaign.

    Included in Basegame:

    Stretch Goals:
    7.Infected Humans
    11.Infected Bear
    12.Infected Wolves
    13.Infected Cougars
    14.Infected Elk

    Unlocked Stretch Goals:
    Alternate Tracker
    Alternate Engineer
    Alternate Slayer
    Alternate Recon
    Companion Class: Helper & Drone

    So thanks for checking it out and if this sounds interesting to anyone else, have a look!

    Universal Head

    Galatician, are you involved in some way with the Blackout campaign or just a fan?


    Funding seems to have slowed at $99,113 for a while with a lot left to unlock.

    Blackout’s creator Richard T Broadwater still appears to be having trouble fully delivering his ZeroHour card game which had a delivery estimate of Feb2014. I was interested in that but luckily it now seems, didn’t back it.


    The next stretch goal unlocks at 100K (the Nomad). Richard has had to address the issues with his previous efforts several times. The post below is from 10/14 on the Blackout Kickstarter comments: “To address some of the concerns and earlier feedback concerning Zero Hour- All orders that have gone out contain the appropriate rewards. Any changes made to the game during development or production were covered in the updates sent out during that time period. The game was improved through play testing and balanced which means that numbers changed here and there. For the most part, those changes were insignificant. The names of decks were changed to better fit the design of the deck. For example the Pale One became Slender Man and the Night Watchman became the Restless Dead. Originally, two versions of the game were offered. A Standard and Deluxe version. The Standard was cut before factory production because only 20 out out 1000 backed were Standard versions. Those 20 backers had their games upgraded to Deluxe. The only other changes that occurred were the removal of sanity counters and the event die. These counters tested poorly as players found them redundant and they cluttered the play surface. The event die was only in the standard game and since the standard game was cut, that die went with it. All of these changes were covered in the updates sent out to backers that detailed the development of the game.
    As far as communication goes, I agree that it can always be improved. I communicated throughout the campaign and post campaign during the finalization and development of the core game. I updated backers on the testing of the core game. When that was complete, I then began the task of writing and testing the remaining 11 decks. That took a year of writing, printing and testing to be sure they worked well with the core game. Once they were complete, I went back to the core game and made further changes.
    The core game was sent off to the printer which took 8+ weeks to get a sample back. I reviewed the sample and updated the backers on that sample. I then made made suggestions and told them to go ahead with the printing of the core game. I updated all backers. It took 12 weeks to print the game. In that time, I went over the 11 exploration decks again and submitted the dice order and print orders. I updated all backers. After the game was printed it was loaded on a cargo ship where it sat for 4+ weeks while the ship is packed. Once the ship left port it traveled for 8 weeks. When it arrived, I notified the backers. It stayed in customs for 14 days then was sent to me. Total print/travel time 8+ months.
    I let all backers know when the game arrived and began shipping all US orders out. Next up, came the exploration decks. Since I needed only 500 each, I could not use the factory that produced the core game and had to go with another willing to do smaller print runs. Files were sent over and within 8 weeks I had sample decks for all sets. By then, the prints and dice had arrived. I let the backers know and sent those out to anyone who ordered the core game/prints/dice/doll. I continued to ship out core games while the exploration decks were being printed. The exploration decks took 12 weeks to print, the new factory was a bit slower than the original factory and Chinese New Year slowed production. By then I had shipped out around 400 US core games and 100 international orders. When the decks were completed they were placed on a cargo ship where they waited another 8 weeks while they packed the ship. I found this to be absurd. By then I was done shipping all US and core international games and waited. The ship finally left port and traveled for another 8 weeks before docking in Los Angeles. I waited for many months at this point. The cargo then sat in customs for 2 weeks before it was shipped to me. Total print and travel time 9+ months. I did not receive that shipment until July of this year. I am shipping the last 150 out of 1000 boxes to this day. I take a load in on the way to work and pack one before bed each night. Saturdays, I take a few loads to the post. If there was a time I was not updating anyone, it was in a period of waiting while the exploration cards were on the ocean or sitting on a cargo ship that was not moving or sitting in customs not moving.
    For anyone that wishes to know how Blackout will be different. It’s come down to simplification. Zero Hour required three factories, to create a core game, 11 separate decks and a plush doll. In addition, there were 7 different prints and a set of metal dice.
    I cut all of those things from Blackout. One box. One factory. No prints, dice or plush dolls. And no expansion material to develop. Only 1 campaign to design with fit within the core system. And that system is done, it requires more testing, but that is for numeric balancing only and to test the campaign once all enemies are added in based on what unlocks during the campaign. All the rules, loot and abilities exist for all unlock-able enemies. The mission cards exist for each enemy as well, even those they may not be unlocked. If they do not get unlocked and added in to the mission log, if just makes a shorter campaign. I hope that answers some of your question or concerns.”

    Universal Head

    If I was a backer, this is what I’d read: “blah blah blah poor planning blah blah excuses”. None of the things that happened to the creator should be a surprise; they’ve happened to countless Kickstarter campaigns before. But they should be anticipated and added to a project plan. Sorry, but that’s business.


    Universal Head, I am a backer of the game. I backed it on the second launch and agreed with many other backers that Richard had a great game that needed a little more polish and a better stretch goal structure. He listened and improved the game and the goals. Both of his previous projects are being fulfilled, albeit past the original deadline and slowly. There are many disgruntled backers from his previous projects who have been very vocal (also nothing new to kickstarter), but there are also those who have posted in the Kickstarter comments for Zero Hour and Legendary Monsters that they have in fact received their game and are very happy with it. Richard alone has done all the writing, designing, the initial art pass, painting the miniatures, running game tests, all layout and graphic work as well as dealing with factories and shipping. He has learned from his mistakes during his past two campaigns and will not be packaging and shipping the games himself. The game has been streamlined so that he only needs to use one factory for the board pieces, decks and miniatures. Previous projects were delayed by having to coordinate between multiple factories and switching vendors.

    Once he has approved all materials for this project, the final game will be shipped to him for review. After he approves the final game, he will allow the factory to release the shipment. Backerkit will be handling the US shipments and will provide backers with confirmation and tracking information. The Backerkit network also has distribution centers in the EU that will be working that side of the globe. The projected schedule is 8 months production time to print, box and ship the game across the ocean. 4 months for printing samples and approval, 4 months for travel and customs.

    Btw, just reached the next stretch goal, 100k!!! Richard has also created several new pledge levels for duplicate copies of the game & stretch goals, miniatures only, and game & extra set of miniatures.

    If you have the money, and the patience, you can help a project be successful. If you don’t, then just wait for the retail or find something else that fits the bill.

    Universal Head

    Gotcha. Sorry for the third degree, I have to keep an eye on those who just want to use what should be an open discussion group for straight-up advertising.

    You obviously really believe in the guy, and I certainly admire the fact that he is doing so much on his own. I’m not in the market for another dungeoncrawl-type game right now, but I wish him the very best of luck.


    Although it is admirable to do so much of the work yourself, it does have risks, as the human brain is not good at spotting mistakes made by itself.

    I used to work as a writer and know how easy it is to see what you meant to say in text rather that what it does say. Editors are a boon for spotting those errors (but a bane if they don’t know the product and reword something making it wrong).

    Sorry if this sounds like a ramble, but I don’t have a proof reader 🙂


    NP Universal Head! and thanks for all you do here on the site!!!

    The8thPagan – True enough but Richard will be enlisting supporters now who will be assisting with proofing, reviewing rules, translations, and playtesting before going to final print so that we can try to make it the best possible game.

    Brief update for any who happen to see this…Richard has created some new pledge tiers for buying 2 copies of the game ($165 USD), buying an extra set of miniatures (& stretch goals) with the game ($54.00 USD + base pledge), and buying the miniatures alone (& stretch goals) ($60.00 USD). He has also shifted the mindcrawlers to be the next stretchgoal at $125k, and he has some new pics of the high detail figure test prints:

    Companion Class

    Helper and Nomad from Companion Class

    Mourner, Lurker, Nightgaunt, Rathound

    Mourner, Lurker, Nightgaunt, Rathound

    Blackout miniatures shown alongside Malifaux and Infinity miniatures for comparison.

    Blackout miniatures shown alongside Malifaux and Infinity miniatures for comparison.


    Not sure what is going on with Blackout, but it has lost 5k worth of backing today.

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