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    I have already asked this question on a YouTube comment, so bear with me as I have some follow up questions. I apologize in advance to UniHead, I should have thought to post to these forums instead of starting a discussion on YouTube comments :). So I’d like to re-post the question here for further discussion.

    • “I was wondering what type/size/brand of brushes do you use? Are they hair-based brushes or nylon? What is your routine for keeping them clean and in good working order? How long do they last before needing replacement? And lastly, are you watering down your paint with a drop or water before using it on the figures? Sorry for so many questions, I’m just starting to get into the mini painting hobby and wanted to hear your opinions.”

    Here is Universal Head’s reply on the YouTube comment:

    • “I mention brushes a bit more in my recent BattleLore painting videos. The main three are high quality Windsor & Newton Series 7 Sable. 00 and 1 are probably the most used. I always start off treating new ones very well, but slowly deteriorate my care regime until they get relegated to the ‘old brushes’ pile and I buy some new ones. The main thing is to try to keep paint out of the roots of the brush, so clean often. Occasionally I use a brush cleaning soap block. Yes, I always thin the paint a bit. Ask for more tips on my website forums, and thanks for watching!”

    His answer was very helpful, and I have gone out to the web to hunt down the recommended brushes. It appears that there are two different types of Windsor & Newton Series 7. There is the standard round and the miniature round. I’m wondering if there is a recommendation on which way to go here? I know the bigger the brush, the more paint it holds. Yet the bigger the brush, the higher the price. Maybe cleanup and maintenance make a difference here too? Which size Windsors do you use (mini or standard)?

    AvatarUniversal Head

    No worries mate, there’s more room for me to go into detail here. Welcome!

    I use standard round because I believe the miniature ones are shorter and hold less paint – but then again they may give more control. I haven’t yet tried them.

    Found some more good tips here.

    Here’s another good tip – get yourself a wet palette (or make one). I only recently got one and they are making a huge difference to my painting, as paints don’t dry out and you can keep going back to paints you recently put on the palette and not find them a dried up smudge. Saves on time, saves paint, makes blending on the palette easier – wish I’d know about them ten years ago.


    Excellent! Thanks UniHead!
    I too was seriously considering getting a wet palette. Now that you so strongly recommend it, I have now added it to my shopping list for painting supplies!

    Thanks for that link from coolmini, it’s helpful getting some comparisons!
    Just as a side note, I’m trying to get all my proper supplies lined up so I can paint both my Descent 2nd Edition minis as well as the core box of Mansions of Madness. So that being said I really appreciate your reference photos and painting tutorials!

    What are you currently painting (using the wet palette)?
    I’m hoping to to see you eventually paint the minis from Imperial Assault after it releases at the end of the year 🙂


    AvatarUniversal Head

    Glad you’re finding the videos useful. Making them certainly adds to the painting time but they seem to be some of the more popular things I’ve done for the EOG.

    At the moment I’m working on a Westerners company for Hell Dorado. I’ll be posting the results on the site as part of my ongoing series about those miniatures. I finally got to play the game a week ago and filmed a play session video as well, so that’s also coming.

    Yes, despite the fact that I’m not too excited about IA, I guess there’s a certain grim inevitability to the fact that I’ll be caving in, getting the game and painting those minis eventually. 😉


    Hmmm… wet palette sounds very interesting and it seems easy to build. Gotta try that.

    AvatarUniversal Head

    It’s a bit of a pain to clean all the time, but otherwise it certainly makes painting easier.

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