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    A second edition of Carnevale is on kickstarter.

    Looks a bit like Malifaux in style and reminds me of Drowned Earth (which I managed not to back – due to high price) in playing style.

    The first stretch goal is cool… a gondola…

    At present, I’m watching.

    I owned a few items of TTCombat’s laser cut scenery (three pieces of which are venetian) and it’s pretty good.

    Any… here the link…

    If you want a look at the beta rules and character stats…

    Universal Head

    I looked at this today just before you posted. I was underwhelmed by the miniatures, they have that uninspiring 3D modelled look to me – quite serviceable, but lacking flair and character.

    But then again, it would take a lot to get m to invest in a new tabletop minis system these days, I have such a backlog of unpainted ones, and all the SMOG ones on the way!


    Looks more interesting than Malifaux. I like the pulpy ‘leaping from roof to roof’ and the talents. Reminds of the Ubiquity RPG rules (Hollow Earth Expeditions and several others).

    Not keen on the two factions in the two player starter though. Wouldn’t buy the fishy looking ones as a faction.

    And I dont like Malifaux art which is echoed in the miniatures. Plus I think of Wyrd in the same way you do Games Workshop… overpriced.

    Did you ever see the ‘Multi Parts Kits, (male and female) that they did as characters for Through The Breach RPG? Talk about boring poses….


    Game is fast and fun…have some of the old minis and backed the last Vesper-On KS. The new minis seem to be one piece…so for me most of them lack the dynamic pose I expect of a self proclaimed “cinematic” TT. But I will see what the stretch goals will do to the pledges regarding value…maybe then I will hope on.

    On the other hand…they resculped a ton of minis in a short time…and all are available at once…and then some new ones on top….crazy amount of stuff. Can´t say they do not work hard. And they seem to listen to backers feedback…if sensible.

    Oh…an one very remarkable thing for a KS: FLATRATE SHIPPING WITH INSANLY LOW PRICING!!! Thats a plus in my book…hope they do not hurt themself with this!

    So…maybe I will just back that anyway to support them for their effort.


    KS is progressing very good….lot´s of extra stuff minis and scenery wise. 3 Days to go folks at TTC are very involved and are listening…I really like what I see and I am backing it.

    And that crazy looking Rumble Slam is also getting me tempted…I loved Wrestling in the “old days” (Tornado…Hogan…Bushwrackers ect.)


    I’m in for £60 on Carnevale, but probably going to go for Capo pledge at 150. Love that nurse, might have to add her as I’m not 2 idling to get her free at £300 level.

    Already have some mdf buildings and although I need more, I’ll probably just order direct from TTCombat.

    Not tempted by Rumble Slam and when I watched wrestling as a kid it was Kendo Nagasaki, Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks that wrestled, not the WWX fakers from america.


    Actually, having second thoughts about upgrading to £150 now.

    None of the £150+ stretch goals are influencing me, just bits of scenery.

    Edit… The chapel tipped me over the edge and I ended on £150. Looking forwards to the game being delivered next year. Nice to see a project where creators are enthusiastic about it.


    Fun KS…really happy how that went…looking forward to the beta testing and the stuff that will come in the next months!

    On the down side…invested way to much…but hey…a little bit crazy now and then keeps one sane…doesn´t it 🙂

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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