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    Hey guys,

    I was wondering if you knew of any good co-op games. My girlfriend hates playing skirmish style games (generally hates playing 1v1 in any game) and she is the person I game with 90% of the time. Her favorite games are co-op style games, especially things like DnD: Legend of Drizzt. Do you guys have any suggestions on games that either are fully co-op or, even better, has both co-op and skirmish game play styles.



    CK Lai

    Available now:
    Myth (but with v2.0 rules and cards)
    MERCS Recon (minis can be re-used for MERCS tabletop skirmish games)
    An obscure game called “Escape: fighting for freedom”. PvP, co-op and can use the minis for the EDEN tabletop skirmish game.
    Any Zombicide game.
    Descent 2nd Ed. with the co-op modules.
    Gears of War
    Shipping to backers now: Fireteam Zero
    Galaxy Defenders (I think).

    Did I miss anything? (I’ve deliberately left out those still in production from Kickstarter).


    These aren’t skirmish games, but co-op, or in some cases co-op and PvP.

    Lord of the Rings LCG (solo or co-op) if card games interest you)

    Fortune & Glory (pulp co-op and PvP)

    A Touch of Evil (solo or co-op)

    Shadows of Brimstone (co-op)

    Undercity (co-op Dungeon crawl)

    Arham Horror and Eldritch Horror (co-op)


    Thanks for the great recommendations guys, I’ve looked up a bunch of these and have found more than a few that really look fun. Now I gotta shake it down to one or two to get first!


    I’ll add Mice & Mystics as a very fun co-op game, especially with people wo are not too deep into tactical games. It has a high cuteness factor, an adorable story and isn’t too hard. And who knows, it might even lead into playing Tail Feathers. 😉



    Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective (best couples coop ever)
    Arkham Horror
    Les Poilus (stunning co-op card game with a First World War theme)
    Freedom: The Underground Railroad

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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