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    The Conan kickstarter has announced July 25th as pledge manager day.

    Been a long time coming.

    Some moaning on comments as it’s open to anyone, not just backers.

    I was too late to be a backer, but I may be diving in when it launches. So many nice sculpts and game looks interesting, almost RPG.

    Jack Romeo

    I was lukewarm when it launched, but having looked at it now with fresh eyes it seems rather interesting. Considering going all in. Pros and cons?

    CK Lai

    There’s a PnP available on the KS page. I suggest you download and play and see if you like it or not.


    Always tricky advising others about buying something.

    I play RPG’s on weekly basis and boardgames every 6 weeks (subject to the quirks of fate), so I look at Conan as an RPG resource first. Lots of miniatures, map boards, some props (chests, doors etc).

    And occasionally we are player down for RPG session and can’t continue without them, which is when I break out an RPG-ish game like Shadows of Brimstone and hopefully Conan.

    So I’m avoiding any add-ons (and there a lot of add-ons) that not kickstarter exclusive and buying the KS exclusive ones that I think are necessary (and who can resist the Vanir “stop calling me Red Sonya, that’s not my name” Valkyrie).

    As for the box… Not sure that the King box is worth the $45 extra compared to the $90 Barbarian box. 50% more money, but the contents are not significantly greater to my eye.

    But if you’re buying it as a game that you expect to play a lot, it might be worth it.

    That’s my opinion anyway.


    Conan pledge manager delayed again. Another month.

    Think I will abandon plans to buy via pledge manager. If it ever makes it to retail I might consider it, but so far behind schedule. I know they say production going ahead, but I have trust issues.

    All you antipodean gamers fault. Shipping problems up your end.

    Universal Head

    Sheesh, opening the pledge manager to anyone is a bit rich!

    Looking forward to this, but I assign no due date expectations to Kickstarter campaigns. The only way to avoid continual disappointment.


    I was surprised they were opening pledge manager to everyone, but pleased at the time, as I missed the KS.

    There was resentment from many that pledged about this.

    I suspect they are opening it to all as a lot of people asked for refunds with regard to shipping costs, delays in PM and general lack of communication from Monolith.

    Your lack of ‘due date expectations’ is admirable, but as I’m a ‘KS Noob’ and waiting for my first products to arrive, I have not yet had to deal with the disappointment, so remain hopeful.

    If I hadn’t gone so nuts about buying Warmachine miniatures I might have still committed to using the Conan PM for miniatures to use in the forthcoming Conan RPG by Modiphius…

    But my commitment to Warmachine triggered the purchase of Iron Kingdoms RPG and I’m enjoying running that at the moment, so have no need of Conan miniatures.

    Maybe in a year or two, when the Conan RPG and boardgame are out, I will invest. And by invest I mean waste a pile of money on them.

    CK Lai

    Yeah, Kickstarter. I read somewhere if you take the original delivery date of the KS, and add 6 months on to it, that’s a more realistic timing, so you don’t get disappointed. I’ve found that to be very, very true.

    (Note this is for big box games, with lots of components. Smaller card games (with only cards as components), small metal mini productions usually tend to get delivered more or less on time).

    As for Conan: if you look at what was unlocked during the campaign, and all the stuff they have to produce, October 2015 was completely unlikely and out of the question. Add to that the delay in receiving the KS funds from Amazon, and, well… you know the new expected delivery date of Dec 2015? I would add 6 months to that so as not to feel totally disappointed.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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