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    I am brand new to the forum. I have found UH’s summaries of the games i like very useful over the years!

    I do have a quick question about Confrontation Ragnorak. Now that MM has a fair amount of the remaining stock they carry on sale for Black Friday – I want to “take the plunge”.

    I wanted to find out for any faction that i buy (Wolfen, Scorpions, Griffins, etc.) does it make sense to buy as many different models as possible within that particular faction? Or does it make more sense to buy multiples of the same thing (Example – 3 or 4 boxes of Wolfen Fangs…..or (1) box each of Fangs, Sacred Vestals, Hunters and Trackers?)

    I am leaning on getting as many different as possible (for variety) – but i am not sure if there are any particular types of figures that it makes sense to get more boxes of.

    I appreciate any help/advice! Thanks alot!

    New York, USA

    Universal Head

    This is really hard to answer, I must admit, as it’s tied up with the complexities of army building, which attachment boxes go with which unit boxes (like AT-43, the Confrontation units are made up of rank and file and special units – for example, a spearmen box and a spearmen leader, musician and bannerman box).

    My best advice is to look through the cards and the spreadsheet that I’ve designed for the game, as they’ll give you an idea of what figures you need for what unit, and standard and maximum sizes of units, and the makeup of banners (armies). It took me a long time to sort it out, flipping through army books, and I can assure you that with those unit cards you are way, way, WAY ahead of where I was when I started collecting! 🙂

    Unfortunately there’s not a whole lot left at MM really and you’ll find a lot of gaps in the lists. I liked to get at least one of everything, but I’m a completist (and you get more variety in the types of troops at your disposal that way). Whether you concentrate on more of a small variety of units or less of a wide variety is up to you, but you may find your decisions quite restricted by what’s available.

    Good luck!


    Thanks for the information UH. I will certainly take a look at your designed cards. From what I can tell, MM may have enough variety of Wolves, Scorpions and Griffons (Not Lions and Ram) – so i will concentrate on those three armies. Because the figures themselves are pretty nice, I can always use some of them as proxies for other games.

    Another quick question – Is it a good rule of thumb to get (1) attachment box that corresponds to the regular unit I get? (Example – (1) Fangs and (1) Fangs attachment). I am assuming with this game – attachment units seem pretty important.

    Thanks again!

    Universal Head

    If you look at my cards, attachment figures are covered by the ‘Special Fighters’ cards. So for example, take the Wolfen Fangs: they have a standard unit of 4 Fangs, or a maximum unit of 9 Fangs. The standard size is the minimum size of the unit, then you can add figures at a cost of 80 AP each up to the maximum size (9 figures/725 AP). If a unit is allowed Special Fighters, each replaces one of the unit’s standard fighters at the extra cost indicated (in this case, 25 AP per figure).

    Special Fighters have special abilities that enhance the unit. So continuing with the Fangs, they have a Rune Guardian, who can call a Cuirass of Yllia to temporarily increase the unit’s armour; the Grave Guardian, who can give the unit a re-roll if they fail a Courage test; and the Repentant, who can cancel a point of damage inflicted on the unit.

    So as you can see, while Special Fighters/Attachments are not necessary, they give the units a lot of flavour!


    OK – even though my spouse is probably not going to be very happy about this – i placed my first big order from MM’s Black Friday Sale for Confrontation Ragnarok miniatures (the Griffon, Scorpion and Wolfen armies). If possible, if anyone reads this and plays CaoR – please give me your opinion if you think these lists below are good to have decent battles. I purchased the following miniatures:

    (2) Starter Sets plus the additional unit boxes….awesome value!!!!

    Griffon Army:
    (1) box Spearmen
    (1) box Spearmen attachments
    (1) box Temple of the West Hero Box (Tarkyn & Melkion)
    (1) box Demon Hunters
    (1) box Executioners
    (1) box Canon Unit
    (1) box Fusiliers
    (1) box Praetorian Guard attachments

    Wolfen Army:
    (1) box Trackers
    (1) box Bloodthirsty Predators
    (1) box Great Fangs
    (1) box Great Fangs attachments
    (1) box Fangs
    (1) box Fangs attachments
    (1) box Sacred Vestals
    (1) box Sacred Vestals attachments
    (1) box Throne of Stars Hero Box (2 Wolf heroes)
    (1) box Sylvan Animae
    (1) box Shadow Trackers

    Scorpion Army:
    (2) boxes Clones
    (2) boxes Sentinels
    (1) box Crossbowmen
    (1) box Skorizes
    (1) box Hybrids Alpha
    (1) box Dasyatis Evolutions
    (1) box Nemesis Evolutions
    (1) box Dasyatis Prime
    (1) box Kheris Hero
    (1) box Shamir Hero Box (2 Heroes)



    Universal Head

    Hi John

    Looks like a good selection – but to be honest, telling you if the selection of figures below are ‘good to have decent battles’ would take quite a bit of time checking army lists etc. I’ve already provided you with all the info you need in the rules summary, army tracker spreadsheet and unit cards. Add up the points of what you’ve bought, read the rules, do the research and see if they’re roughly equal in points values. It’s all there, you just need to get your head around it. 🙂

    Have fun!


    Ah, I see what you are saying UH!! Looking at your unit cards and army tracker speadsheet – it is clear what can and cannot be done in forming armies/banners. It looks like I am in “pretty good” shape with what i have purchased. Example – I can field the exact Wolfen army that you used in your Youtube Batrep against the RAM!! There are a few units MM doesnt sell that would be beneficial if i can get them to “flesh out” certain banners for the Griffin and Scorpions. I will try my luck at ebay, as i guess that is really the only other good source besides MM to try to get more of these miniatures.

    Thanks again,


    Universal Head

    Yep, I spent many, many hours on Ebay picking up extra figures, and then started getting metal figures … it can be a black hole of buying! But play some games first and see what you think.

    I think the only box I can see in your list that you can’t do anything with on its own is the Praetorian Guard attachment box.


    I am watching a regular Praetorian Guard unit box on ebay!!

    Another question – on your Confrontation batrep, you show “mini” caor cards that you were using for the activation order – and you say they are on your website.

    Am i just not looking in the right place, or did you take them down?

    Universal Head

    Ahh, sorry, I guess I didn’t include them in the download files because I’ve only made them for the units I own, not everything in the game. It’s just a convenient way for me to sort the turn order, you can use the cards themselves (which is the way you do it originally).


    Hello UH – Quick question as I anxiously await for my Confrontation miniatures to arrive!

    How do you store your figures? Do you know if there is a specific model Plano box that is good or some other manufacturers craft box, etc.? I would hate to have these figures get damaged.


    Universal Head

    Allow me to direct you to my latest battle report video – Hell Dorado Part 1. There’s a figure storage solution discussed at the end of the video.

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