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    Hi! My first post, and my first foamcore build. Many thanks for your YouTube tutorials on the basics! I think this turned out well, and I’m quite happy with it.

    Improvements for next time include being a bit more patient with the knife, and changing the blade more often. A few of the smaller cuts and dividers are jagged on the inner foam.. but it was a great learning experience.

    While I’m here… can you guys turn me on to the software that you use to create & publish technical designs for these? Several of your builds, and those from Ralf that I’ve seen in the forum include a nice drawing with dimensions. I can’t imagine doing this in any of the Adobe products without going crazy. Thanks again & Enjoy the pics!

    Darkrock Ventures - with floating game board!

    Game board removed to view bottom contents

    Complete with removable trays for setup/clean up

    Universal Head

    Welcome to the EOG! That looks like an excellent first foamcore job, and as you say the only thing you need to do is change that blade more often. Nice work!

    I used to use Sketch to make the plans, but it was a time-consuming pain. Now I just photograph the finished insert and add the dimensions etc in Adobe Illustrator. I’ve never planned my inserts first and then made them – always the other way around!


    Thanks! I found a similar question in another thread, but then also couldn’t figure out if it was possible to edit my post. After going through a few more game plans, I did see some of those you’re referring to with dimensions on a photo. Seems MUCH easier than modeling everything digitally. Looking forward to my next build!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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