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    So after watching Universal’s Deadzone youtube series, I went overboard and placed a large Deadzone order. I’m new to working with models too so I set myself up with paint and tools.

    Some questions…

    How many Scenery Upgrade Pack is required to build a decent board? I’ve read what comes out of the box is not enough so I bought an Scenery Upgrade Pack. How many more should I buy if I expand out with another 2×2 mat?

    And tips on working with the Deadzone miniatures (besides those found in the videos)?

    Hope it’s OK if post questions on this thread as I start my build. Deadzone looked fun, but I stayed away because the build and painting looked intimidating. But after watching the videos, I think I can handle it now. Thanks Universal Head!

    Universal Head

    I bought 1 Scenery Upgrade Pack, so the terrain you see in the videos includes that. Though they don’t really include enough connectors in either core set or expansion pack so I have some bits left over until I buy more of those (I’m not in a hurry to as they’re ridiculously expensive).

    I wouldn’t bother expanding out with another map, the game is designed for the size given. And you’d need a lot more terrain. Play a few games on one mat before thinking about expanding is my advice.

    I think I put all my tips in the videos. 🙂 Be prepared for some frustration and effort, I found the process pretty long and fiddly. Take your time. It is a bit intimidating if you’re not an experienced miniature painter.

    Ask away, that’s what we’re all here for!


    First time I opened the Deadzone box I got scared and put it away! It was only after a good few watches of Uni Head’s videos that I felt I could take a crack at it!

    I went from never having assembled minis to getting both factions done, including green stuff in the gaps, the pining trick on the plague guy jumping the barrier and sand on the basses!

    Where I lived decided to get too hot to paint just after I built them so I only got as far as primer (which I had to use brush on for – can’t spray in 40 degrees!)

    I think the biggest tip is to just take your time when sorting through the pieces and keep videos/pictures handy for figuring out where everything goes.

    Oh also don’t get the water you use to reshape the models into your superglue somehow. Cos then you will have to go to the shops and get more superglue. Acetone is also handy for when you glue your fingers together 10 times.

    Universal Head

    Sometimes there’s just nothing like jumping into the proverbial deep end for learning quickly!


    Thanks for the advise. I just opened the box and it is quite intimidating. Looks like they just threw things in. I have a few bits damaged due to the bad packing inside the box. I guess I’m used to board games which are usually better packed. And the card board tokens are on the thin side. Oh Fantasy Flight, how you’ve spoiled me.

    One comment on the acrylic token counters which I bought. Don’t buy it! The etching on it is so light. It’s hard to make out the symbols, even harder to see across the table. Nothing at all like the high contrast of the package picture.

    Now on with gluing these tiny bits. Glad I found this.

    Wish me luck.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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