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    Let me start by saying that i wrote a lenghty post last night here and when i clicked submit it only showed an error page. Of course after that everything was gone. So now im gonna write it again just quicker and shorter this time (and save it before submitting). PS: found out it was because i used the youtube-embed-link.

    Greetings fellow old and new members of the EOG! It’s that time again when i post something out of nowhere before you quite forgot i even existed. And it seems to be the right time since there are thoughts of closing the forums down. So before that happens i was wondering…

    Does anyone have Demigods Rising? (i refuse to call it Evolution since that name makes no sense) Played it? Heard of it? Or even been part of the helltrain of a kickstarter campaign?

    If you haven’t, long story short: it was funded on kickstarter in 2014 and has ever since had all kinds of problems and delays. Over the years it also went through some serious reworking of everything and all of the art (which payed off in the end). The problems however didn’t stop UNTIL now finally they hired a company to ship out the game, at least for everyone outside of the EU (those are still in limbo). This doesn’t include the miniatures though, those will follow later, but keeping it short and it is fully playable without them so come on! Stop straying salt into the wounds.

    Now i finally received it, too. And i can say it is a lot of fun. It’s a fantasy skirmish game in which 2 or 4 players battle each other in an arena. Each player choosing one of several demigods and a bunch of the many heroes. Like they put it quite nicely themselves: Imagine a full teamfight of a moba game, add turnbased combat like HOMM and put it on a chessboard. Heroes come in different classes and each have different traits and move in another way (that’s the chess part). For example a tank can only move forward and backwards, he has to turn to sidestep. And every action matters, heroes can die quickly if you don’t pay attention, the game can be over in a few rounds.

    You can customize everything in the game, each demigod and hero is double-sided with an alternative version with slightly different stats and skills, you can choose between several gamemodes, you can customize the arena layout and obstacles, there are a lot of items to equip your demigods with. The possibilities are a great many.

    What they achieved really well is the balance of planning and luck. Everything has fixed number values so you can calculate your movement to an enemy and your damage against their defense, but in the end you also roll one or more dice, which alter the result (good or bad). So you got a pretty good idea what the outcome will be but you never really know, can still be a fail or a swing. However it will never happen that you attack someone which should totally devastate him and you roll a nothing and nothing happens (like it can in Mage Wars for example). Except if you use spells of mages and don’t have enough mana…keeping it short!

    On top of all, the components are of a high quality and the artwork throughout looks fantastic. One weird thing though is that about half the hero cards feel rough and lost their shine. I don’t know if that was the printers error or if that came from lying around in some warehouse for 2.5 years. If anyone has experience with this, let me know. Also for my taste the rulebook could use some work and and proper consistency of wording to clear some things up. With so many class traits and skills you sometimes have to decide for yourself how you want to play them.

    If you’re interested, take a look at the unboxing video i just finished:

    Hope you all had a good start into 2020!


    Never came across that game…but it looks interesting and the component quality looks good. I have a stack of 16 KS in various stages of fulfillment and no intention to add to those this year. Too much “not played” stuff around and not enough space to add more…so 2020 will be the year of back-log gaming for me ๐Ÿ™‚

    AvatarUniversal Head

    Thanks for posting that, and sorry about the forum posting error! Looks interesting, but the saga does seem to highlight the dangers of Kickstarter. Glad you got it in the end and I hope the miniatures show up eventually. It looks like some of the tiles have a varnish and the rest don’t, which is a big error.


    Absolutely. I made some very good and some bad kickstarter experiences. This one at least delivers in the end (who knows if this game will ever be available retail? I sure hope so for the creators). Then there’s this one 3dprinter campaign i backed years ago….
    Things like these did indeed make me more cautious when backing any kickstarter. Of course some campaigns are really worth it money-wise with all the stretchgoals they pump out (eventhough, does anyone ever play all the content you get in the end?) and then there are others that are available at retail at an even lower price making you wonder why not just wait a bit and be on the safe side. And then again it’s exciting to see where a project goes in the process.

    Anyway, i played Demigods a couple more times now and can say that it is a very versatile game. You can build your own arenas and just give out everything random and have a fun time. Or go at it very competitive, which already starts in the picking phase to build your team (very close experience to a moba game, trying to counterpick the enemy while building a strong team yourself). Or anything inbetween.

    Just hope those miniatures don’t take another 5 years. Was looking forward to painting them.

    AvatarCK Lai

    Glad to know the game is decent. I’m still waiting on mine from VFI… which will be delayed again due to the Wuhan coronavirus. But I’ve been waiting 4+ years. What’s another few more months? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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