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    Hello there!

    It’s been a while and i finally got to register here. I thought since the Descent 2e foamcore plans here were what showed me this lovely material and got me into the whole foamcoring, it’s only appropriate to show all of my inserts so far in return. Starting with this one. Since i already uploaded photos of them on bgg, i’m just gonna use those again. This is just the beginning.

    It was simple on-the-go foamcoring which in the end might seem a little too much for such a small expansion. But hey, i like to keep my things clean.

    The bottom layer with all the map tiles, cards and minis:
    LotW bottom layer

    And the token tray with everything else. I decided to make it angular so the walls aren’t too high:
    LotW token tray

    Universal Head

    Welcome! Great to have you hear. I’m really enjoying seeing other people post their foamcore solutions, as it gives everyone visiting lots of ideas and choices when they start making their own inserts. My designs can get people started, but there’s no end to the customisation you can do to make your own insert unique. Nice one!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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