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    Universal Head

    So, it has nothing to do with boardgames, but then that’s what The Smoking Room is for – discussing anything. Anyone else played Destiny? I’ve been playing it since launch day, and while it definitely scratches the itch for brainless shooty action, I’m gobsmacked at the lack of story and sense of place that it has. I don’t think I’ve played a game where I’ve cared less about the universe.

    Personally I think that games can be doing a lot more these days, and that caring just a little bit about the characters and why you’re running around killing hordes of aliens has to be developed further if you want a game that really interests and engages.

    I discovered an excellent article that nails what I’m trying to express here.


    A nice topic Grand Master. I admit I have not played Destiny, but have flirted with Halo and others of such ilk. You would think the most expensive video game production would have had a team dedicated to providing a narrative as expansive as the setting and impressive as the graphic design.
    I sell the game at work and have overheard friends address their unfulfilling experiences. The ‘MMO’ aspect, however, as you hinted at, seems to have intoduced diserable elements for gameplay. Such as the auto-interaction only with players of similar skill; unless manually selected.

    I guess overall, Destiny doesn’t harm current video game expectations, aside from itself. Otherwise people are still finding storytelling solace in recent(ish) hits such as Last of Us. Or you could play new games using IP’s that already have great stories that everyone (that I associate with) loves! Such as, Alien Isolation and Shadow of Mordor.

    Concerning yourself UH, though a less than hoped for venture on your part, I am glad to know that despite your busy EOG content schedule and time consuming tabletop practices, you also make time for video games.
    This makes you what I like to call the ‘Complete Gamer‘. Which means you love gaming in all it’s forms. Whether Pen and Paper Role Play, Board and Card, Miniature, video and… Live Action Role Play!? Does that count? What about Mind games; Meta gaming? Hmmm… maybe I’m incomplete. Simple fact is they all offer different experiences virtually impossible to dublicate with oneanother and that’s cool.

    Universal Head

    Alien Isolation and Shadow of Mordor are two that I’m looking forward to and will definitely pick up, though I imagine I’ll get very frustrated with the former.

    I got up to level 20 on Destiny – finished the ridiculous virtually non-existent story, and put it back on the shelf. It was fun for a while but the mindless shoot-’em-up nature of it just couldn’t hold my interest. And the ending – “this ending is just the beginning” speeches by characters you didn’t give a toss about – just terrible.

    Oh yes, I love gaming: video, boardgames, miniatures games, roleplaying games … though I prefer the more sociable nature of tabletop games. LARPing is not something I’ve had the opportunity to try, though I’m sure I could get into it – it depends on the people. Gaming is the best way to keep enjoying your youth even as you grow older – and it doesn’t involve buying loud and expensive machines that piss other people off. 🙂

    If my imagination ever dies, well I think I might just as well toddle off myself.


    I just decided to be done with Destiny, myself. It was just getting a little too repetitive for my tastes. I want a video game where I can be completely entranced by the narrative, and Destiny had lost me there. Not like Assassin’s Creed 4 or BioShock Infinite.

    I’m actually enjoying Shadow of Mordor quite a lot. The first couple hours were terribly frustrating, but now that I’ve got some powers worked up it’s getting good. As a Tolkien buff, I’m not looking to learn any deep history of Middle Earth with the game, but it’s giving me a story I had never thought to ask about.

    Universal Head

    I agree with you 100% AnyMouse. Very repetitive, and I didn’t care about anyone or anything in it.

    I’ve heard the SoM takes a while to get into. I’ve heard that Tolkien would be spinning in his grave, but I suppose it’s more Jackson Middle-earth than Tolkien.

    I think Alien is next for me after I’ve finished The Last of Us. Which I’m really enjoying, but I get a bit frustrated with some of the large sneak/fight setpieces. I’m definitely a video gamer for story and immersion rather than ‘skill’!


    I haven’t tried Destiny and wont now that i’ve heard your opinions.

    I myself still play a little Guild Wars 2 from time to time. They have this “Living Story” to which they add new episodes every month or so and continue the story about the awakening of the elder dragons.

    Also i’m eagerly awaiting the last installment of The Witcher

    Universal Head

    If you like mindless shooting action (and I do, very occasionally), it’s top drawer. But certainly don’t expect any world-building or story.

    I’m still on The Last of Us but I now think Mordor is next. But it’s hard to find time for video gaming when there’s so much fun stuff to do for tabletop gaming.


    I tried the beta of Destiny and wasn’t as sold on it as I was previously led to believe. I’m glad I held back, honestly.

    Our household is very Complete Gamer friend with our board/card/dice/miniature games plus pen and paper and video games (PC and Xbox 360/One). We really, really prefer coop games in that realm too.

    Our main haunts for wife and I is Final Fantasy 14 on PC (met in WoW, so we have MMOs in our blood) and Diablo 3 on Xbox One.

    I really wouldn’t have it any other way with being Complete except for two downsides: not enough hours in each day (or caffeine) and where we live, there isn’t as many players.

    Universal Head

    You met in WoW? Now that’s a modern matchmaking.

    I’ve never got into MMOs I must admit – never had the time and I don’t really get into extended combats and quests and all that. But man, The Last of Us is the type of game for me, it just continues to impress. I think it’s probably the best game I’ve ever played.

    No spoilers please, I haven’t finished yet!


    That we did, almost 9 years ago now 😀

    Last of Us is something I wanted to play but unfortunately traded in the PS3 a little before it came out.

    Universal Head

    Playing the remastered version on the PS4, it looks astounding.


    I played the demo of Destiny with similar feelings. I loved how fluid double jumping and the melee attack felt, and summoning flaming pistols was fun! But I agree there is a huge lack of story. In my first game someone waved at me, danced and that was the extent of our dialogue.

    Just got a PS4 this last month. In the present, Last of Us Remastered and GTA5 Remastered are at the top of my list to get after I finish Alien Isolation and Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition.

    For the future, I am hoping that Quantic Dream puts out some good PS4 material soon. Heavy Rain, and Beyond 2 Souls on PS3 were right up my alley. Give me more of that PLEASE. And Uncharted 4.

    I played a lot of Guild Wars in college and I liked it, but when GW2 came out, it didn’t grab me the same way. Not to dis GW2, because it’s a beautiful game. There is a lot to take in. Maybe I’ll go back to it again.

    The Longest Journey, one of my favorite adventure games of all time, was just released on iOS last month. It still has a few bugs, but it looks and feels nearly identical to it’s PC port. Tons of voice acting and dialogue. Dreamfall chapters is an episodic sequel to Dreamfall which in turn was the sequel to The Longest Journey. I didn’t like Dreamfall as much as the original, but I’m digging Dreamfall Chapters on MAC/PC They did away with the wonky combat system.

    Three of my friends now work at TellTale games. I would give Walking Dead & Wolf Among Us a try for a good story. I’m a little undecided how I feel about their newest projects.

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