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    Don’t know much about the new version of Doom, but from the photos it looks a lot like Descent/Imperial Assault.

    Never played the original, so no idea what that was like, but not keen on FFG re-skinning all their games to use the same engine.

    Universal Head

    I have very fond memories of the original (and its expansion) and painted all the figures. It’s kind of a shame to see it ‘replaced’ – they didn’t even mention the original game, but I suppose 2004 is too long ago for anyone to remember!

    I’d prefer if FFG stopped re-releasing old games – even if they do have different systems – and concentrated on original releases, however. But I suppose this was seen as an opportunity to tie in with the new video game release.

    Also I think it’s time we all stepped back from the dungeoncrawler genre and let it recover.

    CK Lai

    The need to have an “Overlord” player (if what I’ve read is correct) makes this a “no buy” for me.


    Dungeon crawlers seem to be very popular just now and companies will make them as long as the public will buy them.

    Although Mansions of Madness has some elements of the crawler, it’s a more complex game with puzzles to deal with and fighting cthuloid monsters has never been the wisest choice…

    I just hope that’s still the case in version 2 and… as far as I can tell… it is.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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