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    My original post was self indulgent… I can’t delete it… so I’ll edit it.

    It has been noted that I seem a little… jaded… down on gaming… it’s true.

    Life has taken it’s toll on me lately.

    Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.


    Yes…made it to the end. Why?…because we are a comunity…maybe small…but still intrested in what is going on with the other members! So first of all…all the best wishes for the most valuable thing in the world…health!!! Having spent way too much time in hospitals and nursing homes in the last year with the kids,wife,aunt,grandmother and finaly myself…I can relate. And for the few oppertunitys you have there are too many great games and far too few oppertunitys with friends to enjoy them…and its getting worse the older we get…like time flys by faster with age. So I have done a similar thing with KS…I save the ones I find intretsting…wait what ist offered in the last 48h…and in the meantime ask myself…will I play this at all…or do I still want it regardless of that. Most KS get deleted before ending…Batman/Pacific Rim/Godtear/Hexplore/Confrontation and more…only an RPG (John Carter of Mars) went through….and I feel good about it 🙂


    Oops!!! Bad timing there. I edit my post and someone responds at same it.

    Sorry Soul. But thanks for making the effort to read it all before the edit.

    I backed Pacific Rim, Batman, Godtear and John Carter, but dropped out of all of them.

    Although I liked John Carter, I felt that the changes to the system were not enough to simplify the rules. I own Conan and Infinity and the skill trees are just too much of a headache to manage in my opinion.

    As for Confrontation… I registered for that to get the freebies, but didn’t back because I feel that the minimum pledge is way too much. I’d buy two starters, but not 16 factions.


    Sometimes it helps to get it off your chest…so I hope this was such a time…keep playing 😉

    Universal Head

    I missed the original post 8th, but I would like to say that I hope the people who visit this site find a good place where people are helpful, supportive and non-judgemental. All of us have had hard times, and some of us may have a little wisdom to share, and if not, at least be supportive listeners. There’s nothing self-indulgent about reaching out now and again.

    With the amount of time I spend immersed in the tabletop gaming world, it can occasionally feel a little overwhelming. It’s a bit tricky for me to step back these days, as I try to keep the site humming along single-handed, but I can understand a bit of burnout now and again. When that happens, just take a break and give your attention to other things. It’ll all be here when you get back!

    As Soulsorceror so wisely says, the most important thing in the world is health. Take care of yourself!

    BTW if anyone ever needs anything deleted, let me know, I can do all that behind the scenes.


    You’re a hitman… cool!

    I have a long list of people that need deleting. Presidents, co-workers… oh… you mean forum posts… my bad!

    But seriously… did think about asking for a delete… decided on a rewrite instead… original post sounded a bit needy… English men don’t like needy… we have a cup of tea and get on with it.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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