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    After the excitement of the 2nd Tactics Battlefield video this maybe be of some interest.

    Bell of LostSouls did an interview with PAOLO PARENTE the creator of DUST TACTICS dated 06May2015.

    Your can read the full interview on the site.
    Here are some salient points from it:
    “RA(RobertAllen): While some of the details are surely still up in the air, what do you see in the future for DUST?
    PP: We will start distributing our product ourselves. A first warehouse will be established in the US right after Gen Con and we are preparing a lot of new stuff. New armies within each faction starting with the Luftwaffe for the Axis, followed by the British/Australian Long Range Desert Group for the Allies and Chinese Army for the SSU, these should lead to the release of the Japanese Navy Landing Forces by the end of next year.
    RA: Are we going to see Japan? An Eastern Front setting?
    PP: lf everything goes according to the plans we will see the Japanese around Christmas 2016 together with DUST 1947 the revised Dust rules.
    RA: What about the Vril?
    PP: The Vrill will be introduced in 2017, June l would say. unless a miracle happens and we can release a Japan vs Vrill starter set for Christmas 2016. That would be a dream come true.

    RA: DUST Warfare and its abandonment by Battlefront really bothered a lot of DUST players who preferred Warfare to Tactics. Do you have plans to pick Warfare back up?
    PP: Dust Studio has not enough energy to take care of warfare as well, we all know that. Personally l believe that Dust Tactics Battlefield does the same job and even better, Olivier Zamfirescu and l always wanted Warfare to be exactly like Tactics but without the grid. We will license later this year Warfare to one of his most devoted players, he will continue that legacy.”

    The DUST Studio site:
    Note among the new releases are DUST model kits of the Mavericks & African Lions. Unassembled & unpainted plastic 5-man squads which include an extra weapon set for conversion. They come with Tactics and Battlefield Tactics cards.
    Also a 1/48 kit version of a Mickey/SteelRain/Pounder too.

    Universal Head

    Thanks for linking to that, I’d read it before but it’s very interesting. He’s a funny guy really, I get the impression he is so into his designs that he’s blissfully unaware of the damage that has been done to his brand by two distributors, multiple rules systems and years of Dust product being sold at rock-bottom prices by everyone.

    I’d love to see Dust thrive of course, I’ve bought into it a lot, but is the gaming public going to put up with another change of distribution, sudden increased prices (after the sales), a 3rd edition (!) of rules (with new cards again) etc after all the public shaming of the brand and Miniature Market dropping the range?

    Universal Head

    Personally I think he should skip the Japanese and go straight to the Vrill to inject some new life into things.


    I’d have to completely agree with you on all points particularly the Vrill.
    We were originally promised them in the 4-6th expansion so it has been a long long wait. Now another 2 years or 1.5 at best. I can’t say I’d be terribly excited by a Japanese faction compared to aliens considering much of the advanced technology is based on the Vrill stuff. I recall seeing very early on a German walker in a Japanese colour scheme that was interesting but not thrilling.

    I’m not sure “We will license later this year Warfare to one of his most devoted players, he will continue that legacy.” would be a good idea unless Warfare receives a distinctive re-badging to avoid further continuing confusion between it and Battlefield. Especially if it coincides with the 3rd Ed rules. I really don’t think DUST needs any competition based on itself.

    How many retailers are going to chance another go at stocking this line after the last two distributors dropped it with the resulting fire sales.

    I hope Paolo’s dream of making Dust a success works out, he certain has stuck it out through some very trying times so far.

    CK Lai

    I’m waiting for some of the OOP stock to get produced again. And for the Vrill, of course. Can’t believe the plan is for the Japanese to come out first before the Vrill. Not at this stage in Dust’s life… the Vrill would really give the whole game a kick in the … er… I mean … a shot! … a shot in the arm. 😉


    I have to say I like the optimism from Mr. Parente. I think it would be great to have that plan happen–after the Kickstarter is resolved. I hope that everything for the Kickstarter makes it to the players’ hands and the sore feelings are largely put in the past.

    I don’t know how much I will be adding to my collection should new factions come out. Right now much of the new Dust stuff is variations on what pretty much exists. Additionally, here in the US, I can still get several several basic infantry squads from when Dust was first (pretty much) released at those original prices of about $15. It is going to be rough going paying dramatically higher prices when the cheap stuff is still on the market.

    I have been a long time opponent to the Vrill showing up as I play Dust for the alt-WWII aspects and don’t really want the aliens in it beyond the dingus that allows the weird science of walking tanks, combat gorillas, and phasers. That said, if it could revitalize Dust, I am more for the Vrill showing up than I have ever been.

    CK Lai

    The Dust fluff has the Axis going for world domination so they can be prepared for the Vrill when they do show up. So imagine fielding a force using Axis, Allied and SSU units vs the Vrill.

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