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    Bit late in making my introductions, as I’ve been a member for 15 months and browsing the website long before that.

    I recently found myself (and the rest of the UK) having a disagreement with the most of europe about our membership and as a result, the UK decided to opt out of the EU.

    We’re now looking for new friends in other parts of the world.

    I know our relationship with the antipodes has never been warm, but many of our pubs welcome Australians (to work behind the bar) and we did allow New Zealand to be the film location for Lord of the Rings, along with many other fantasy series (Xena and Hercules, Legend of the Seeker, Shannara Chronicles)….

    And at least you speak the same language… admittedly with funny accents… unlike those european chaps.

    So hello from dear old Blighty…

    Universal Head

    That’s alright Pagan, unlike most places in the world these days, the EOG is an all-inclusive place; everyone’s welcome! 🙂


    I sure hope old friendships will not be forgotten. Gamers (British and others) will always be welcome at my door in Germany!


    I was basically just fun of UK leaving europe referendum.

    Sadly it may mean I get hit with customs charges with kickstarters despatched from EU…

    CK Lai

    @8th: is this true?

    “Brits Scramble to Google “What is the EU?” Hours After Voting to Leave It”

    Brits Scramble to Google “What is the EU?” Hours After Voting to Leave It


    It’s got a bit weird over here.

    Last I heard, almost 2 million had signed a petition to get a second referendum because they didn’t get the result they wanted.

    It was a 72% turnout and close battle as 52% wanted to leave EU.

    London apparently wants another referendum or independence from UK so they can stay in EU, which is ridiculous. If the vote had gone the other way and then ‘outers’ asked for another referendum, I’m sure London voters would have said “No… choice made.”

    Scotland also wants another referendum about leaving (they voted stay with UK last year).

    This situation could get very messy if not dealt with. Sounds like the plot to a TV movie.

    For good or ill, the result should stand.

    Empires fall. Roman Empire. British Empire. USSR. EU?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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