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    Universal Head

    A friend and I have established a semi-regular weekly evening for LCGs, and after quite a long (and, it turned out, expensive!) stint with Android: Netrunner, we’re now exploring other LCGs that I happen to have on my shelves before we concentrate on our favourites.

    We’ve both bought into A Game of Thrones LCG 2nd Edition, and it’s a great game. The temptation to ‘get in on the ground floor’ of a new game is strong, and it’s a great system and we’re looking forward to getting a lot deeper into it. Next we tried Warhammer 40,000: Conquest, which I wasn’t expecting much from and yet turned out to be a fun, tense, more aggressive game of direct conflict.

    The other night we tried Star Wars: The Card Game and came away not quite as impressed. It’s more complex and a bit clunky, though the complexity makes it very involving, and the edge battle – basically a mini-game of bluff before the main engagements – is a weird but quite effective mechanic. At the end of the night I thought it would go on the shelf and not be played again, but in the interim I’ve weakened and bought another core set and another copy of the expansion Edge of Darkness, because BGG users have told me this will make the game shine and mitigate the inconsistency of the core set decks. Or I’m a sucker. 🙂

    Next ones will be Warhammer Invasion and The Lord of the Rings Card Game. The former I used to play quite a bit of and really enjoyed, though it will be interesting to see if it still holds up next to more modern games. The latter I’ve played quite a bit solo, but haven’t tried as a 2 player game yet. I suspect playing a co-op card game won’t be as fun as the head-to-head ones, but we’ll see.

    It’s fascinating how much enjoyment you can get from these card games. Yes, they can be a bit of a money pit, and many of the cards you buy will probably never even see use in a deck. If you’re a bit of a set collector by inclination, be warned, you can get sucked in badly. And that’s not including the cost of card sleeves to protect all these bits of cardboard! I’m not a huge fan of the deck building element, but if you get an opportunity to play regularly with someone (and they’re willing to buy expansions and build decks too), the games get better and better as you get to know the cards and combos.

    Any other LCG players out there?


    I dabbled with the Lord of the Rings Card Game (bought the Core Set) and I actually have quite a bit of cards for the Middle Earth CCG.
    But for the most part I have stayed away from LCG’s for the reasons you mentioned.
    I feel they are still a pretty big money pit (albeit less than CCG’s of course).


    I’ve both Android: Netrunner and Call of Cthulhu Core sets and a few expansions but never really played them.
    I do like the artwork on them.

    The speed at which FFG pumps out new packs for these can quickly become overwhelming and if you miss some then you could miss out on new game mechanics or abilities.


    I’m all in on Android: Netrunner. My best friend and I play it, but I’m the only one who actually has cards. He usually builds decks online and then pieces them together on game night. Not optimal, but it works, and we both really enjoy playing the game.

    I REALLY want to get into Game of Thrones, mostly because I’m a big fan of the fiction, but I’ve had a hard time getting excited from the game play videos I’ve seen. My biggest concern with the game, at least from what I’ve watched, is the slow rate at which players go through their decks. Maybe I’ve just seen badly played games. Maybe it’s the houses I’ve seen. But it just seems like not many cards come off that deck past the starting hand. Peter, can you offer any feedback about this aspect? Money wise, I really love the appeal of getting in while it’s new. On the same topic though, I’m sort of nudging my friend to collect that one and let me do Netrunner.

    I discovered a fantastic store based on Tulsa OK that also has quite a web following, Team Covenant. They have a subscription service wherein you pick which games you want, and which products (small packs, big box expansions, etc.) and they’ll auto charge your credit card and send you the newest packs as soon as they’re available. Now I’m never behind. 🙂 Highly recommended, for those in the states anyway.

    Universal Head

    I haven’t played enough games yet to give much of an opinion, but we’ve enjoyed it so far. I’ll keep you posted when we’ve got into it more.

    What amazes me about most of these games is how different the experiences are.

    Team Covenant are an excellent bunch, I’m really impressed by their professionalism. Their tutorials are great, the component designs gorgeous (if pricey, understandably but sadly), and they’ve really lifted the bar for how these games are supported. If you see some of those guys in the store pass on my congratulations for what they’re doing!


    Will do.

    I mean to plan a trip there at some point, but it’s in another state…and I’m in Texas so it’s not exactly a quick jaunt across the border.


    Oh my…LCG´s…I really like how every game brought some familiar elements and combined them with new mechanics…so every LCG feels and plays different….so to make it short…I have them ALL.

    There…I said it…so much for being a sucker/collector 😉 Despite them being a money grave and the usual storage Problems that come with the amount FFg puts out…they are all quite fun games to play. Every style of play is served…light and fast to slow and tactical….solo to multiplayer…fantasy or scifi. Sometimes I just go trough some of them to look at the great artwork and the bit of fluff. Sometimes getting ideas for my RPG´s or the spark for a new deck.

    Played CCG´s since magic the gathering was born and tryed most of them until I got tired of the ever more expanding blind buy+strange raritys+quicker release tactics and some other reasons. LCG´s got me back in and I found that I like their way much more…so I am all in for the long run and looking forward to the next couple of games.


    My friends bought me the old Game of Thrones living card game after watching the Inside the Box Youtube episode on it. I am not normally a fan of card games as I am usually terrible at them. However, I liked that one. I found the starter box a little hard to get balanced games in with as it just barely enough for 4 players. Yet, I knew I also didn’t want to get sucked into the money pit of buying more cards. On top of that, I am getting to the point that putting together army lists for miniatures games is more effort than I want to put in before a game. I really have no interest in deck construction. Especially, since I would have to try and balance out all 4 houses and keep the deck pretty basic for new-ish players. In the end, we played the Game of Thrones LCG a few times before my friends found it a little more complicated and backstabby that they like. Kinda like the show itself. I really don’t think I will get a chance to play it ever again, and I’m mostly okay with that. I still get the urge to paint the titles miniatures.


    We have the previous AGoT LCG (not the really really old one, the one after that). I also have the LoTR LCG. I’ve just started that and I enjoy it. And I have tons of old CCGs that many of the LCGs are based on.

    Recently I picked up the Warhammer Quest Adventure Card Game. This might be the one for me. Technically not an LCG but it’s fun. And you can see mechanics from their other games in there. This one feels like a Dungeon Crawler card game. Exploration, monsters, loot – all wrapped up with fairly simple mechanics that are somewhat obfuscated by the dual rulebook system ;). I’m really enjoying it.


    My partner and I recently jumped in on the GoT 2nd Ed core set, as well as Android Netrunner some months back. We love the asymmetry of both, though she does not always enjoy the brutality of GoT.
    So far we’ve enjoyed the base games of both enough to warrant an expansion here or there, but as we primarily do our gaming in groups we just enjoy what we have. Seeing them instead as another 2-player game in a repertoire of games means we don’t see a need to constantly expand the experience. We play them from time to time and not religiously enough to burn through all the core options.
    As a 2-Player experience, both are fantastic as just the core set. We see them as akin to 7 Wonders Duel or Jambo, fantastic games crafted for 2, and the later packs as optional expansions. This is obviously a casual approach and may limit replayability in the long run, but we always have the option to expand if / when we want to.
    LCG’s are a lifestyle of gaming, much like miniature gaming and CCG’s before it, where the collection and expansion of options is a core draw card for the experience. I must admit, I prefer the self-contained nature of board games personally, but enjoy the gameplay of the LCG’s I’ve played so far.

    Universal Head

    The core sets of all are these games are fine, but I must admit that experience has taught me that the games improve a lot once you get multiple core sets and more balanced decks. The whole purchasing system is flawed I think. There should be a choice between a sample set for people who just want a two-player card game, and a core set with the correct full number of cards for the starting decks (usually 3 of each card). Having to buy three core sets of a LCG is very annoying, there’s a lot of waste, and you don’t even get a decent-sized box to store the expanding game in.

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