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    There is a lack of plans for an insert for firefly, so I made my own insert on the fly a few weeks ago. This was actually my second insert, first being Dead of Winter using the plans from here (which turned out pretty well, very nice plans), and my most recent is Star Wars imperial Assault; also using plans from here. I did all the planning and measurements as I went, hoping to make something that was functional, and managed pretty well. I’m definitely going to have to revisit this another time when I’ve had more practice, as the design is still lacking quite a bit. There was a ton of measuring, re-measuring, cutting, cursing, re-cutting, and facepalming; but I enjoyed making it. Here’s a few images, maybe you guys can show off your inserts for this game as well, and give some ideas for me in the future. I’m also really looking forward to seeing Universal Heads plans!

    The board sticks up a bit, so the box isn’t flush… sue me 😛

    Board and books removed, everything fit pretty well, besides the board.

    Trays for pieces and money, little area at the bottom for story cards. That came about from not planning for them.

    Universal Head

    They look great, and may end up being better than mine. 🙂 It was certainly a challenge to fit everything in the box, as I consolidated all the current expansions into the core game box and the Blue Sun box. Once I get around to posting the file we can compare notes!


    Very nice design! I really like the money trays.

    Thanks for sharing.


    Any chance of plans for a Firefly insert?

    CK Lai


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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