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    Jack Romeo

    Where are people on Forbidden Stars?

    I’ve been following it for a while, and seems it’s hitting the stores these days. A friend mentioned having read some great reviews, and it looks pretty promising.

    As a sidenote, have any of you painted board game spaceships before? I’ve seen pictures of people painting the spaceships for Eclipse, but it seems very different from the traditional humanoid/animal minis.



    I saw a few video reviews on it. It looks like a fine game. It is a little too long and complicated for the people I would likely try to get to play it more than once. They give me a pass with miniatures games, but are less forgiving with board games. Plus, for me, the Warhammer 40K theme adds no value as I’m not fond of that setting, and I don’t even know if my friends are aware it. Still, if I had to pick between Forbidden Stars and Twilight Emporium III, I think I would pick Forbidden Stars as it looks to be of shorter length.

    I wish I could help you with painting spaceships. I have yet to move beyond base coat painting of my vehicles. However, in the context of Forbidden Stars, I think base coat with some minor shadowing and highlighting should make the game pieces more impressive. I don’t know if I would bother with a ink/wash for the space ships. If I did put a wash on them, I think I would go with a dark wash like black then I would likely repaint the base coat back on the flatter surfaces only leaving the wash in the nooks and edges. However, I have never done any kind of painting like that so I am purely guessing here.

    Universal Head

    My copy is on the way and I’m hoping to get it by the end of the week. I really enjoy Starcraft, though it can be too fiddly and complex, and I’ve heard that this is the spiritual successor to that game but with more streamlined systms.

    Not sure whether I’ll bother to paint all those figures though – no, I’ve yet to try my hand at painting spaceships (btw imagine how much paint would be needed to paint some of the actual spaceships from movies?).

    Universal Head

    Just got my copy and I’m about to film an unboxing.

    Jack Romeo

    Looking forward to it!

    Jack Romeo

    Compared to Twilight Imperium the game is pretty light on the number of plastic units. Anyone know how army presence on a planet is indicated?


    Hey @UniversalHead (or whomever), I would love to hear your opinions on this game.

    I’m playing my first game of Twilight Imperium in 12 days. I’ve been cramming rules / videos etc in preparation.

    I KNOW that it’s going to be overwhelming for my typical group. Of course, I’m not even sure how I will feel about it yet.

    But, my group is slowly becoming harder and harder core. We just started working on Shadows of Brimstone minis together. (Hanging out, chatting, having some wine and painting minis) So, things are coming together.

    I feel like I am embarking on the next step of this hobby as I’m becoming more and more interested in painting / assembling / modding.

    Anyway, that was a bit of a ramble. Would love to hear your impressions of this game (or suggestions for other hardcore-ish games) in the context of my group.


    I got my feet wet with this game last week. We just tried it out with two players and it was an enjoyable time. The rules were pretty straight forward, and in the short amount of time I had to play it became obvious that there is a lot of depth once you know the cards / upgrade paths, etc.

    I suggest picking your faction before game day and at a bare minimum, flipping through the card decks to get an idea of the types of upgrades you may want to plan your strategy around. I did NOT do that, I felt like any decisions I made about upgrades would be pretty blindly made, so i mostly focused on moving my units around the board and just getting a feel for the general flow of the game.

    Army pretense is represented 1 to 1 with the miniatures. Each planet can only support a given number of units, indicated by the number of skulls on the planet’s banner. Want three Chaos Space marines on a planet? Three minis. It’s pretty simple. Is that what you’re asking about?

    We only played two rounds before we ran out of time. We are already planning to play it again at our next meetup.

    Universal Head

    I’ve played it a couple of times with two players and enjoyed it, though there have been some comments that it can be a bit long and have downtime (for players not fighting) during the combat phase when you have more players. Though it seems complicated, it’s pretty straightforward really.

    I’ve just released a rules summary and reference sheet for it, so grab that as it may help. I’d go over the movement rules beforehand as they can be a little bit fiddly.

    The game is quite long, so set aside enough time. Enjoy!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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