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    I was inspired by the older thread about Whisky and thought it would be interesting to discuss man’s other best-friend, beer. I fancy myself as somewhat of a beer connoisseur and am always looking for new brews to try. Seeing as this forum appears to be populated by people from all around the world, I am very curious what local beers are popular where you live. It may just be an American phenomenon but the craft brewery craze has been in full swing here for the last half-decade with many locally owned and brewed beers becoming very popular. Every time I move I make it a goal to visit every local brewery in my new hometown. So far I have visited 3 breweries in Houston, many more to go hopefully. The following is a list of a few of my favorite breweries that I continuously come back to when restocking my fridge.

    Saint Arnold Brewing Company – Houston, Tx. The winter stout is what I am drinking this evening.
    Buffalo Bayou Brewery – Houston, Tx. The 1836 lager and the ‘More Cowbell’ IPA are both great. (Disclaimer, my friend/coworker is one of the owners).
    Rhinegeist Brewery – Cincinnati, Oh. My number one favorite craft brewery (Perhaps because it was right next to my University..).
    Christian Moerlein Brewery – Cincinnati, Oh. Cincinnati has one of the largest populations of German ancestors in America and many of the local breweries are very much in the style of German beers. This one is the best!
    North High Brewing – Columbus, Oh. Right down the road from where I grew up.
    Columbus Brewing Company – Columbus, Oh. Another one of my hometown favorites.

    Anyway, that is my list of favorite breweries. However, just like my favorite game changes every month as does my favorite beer.

    What are you favorite beers?

    Universal Head

    Sorry for the late response Kent, I was in Sydney for a few days. Indeed, this is my other recent passion; ever since I moved to NZ 4 years ago in fact, and discovered the fantastic craft brewing scene here. My appreciation and understanding of beer skyrocketed, and now I can’t even comprehend how I used to drink the bland chemical watery garbage I used to call beer back in Sydney.

    Next month we have a really fun festival called Marchfest here in Nelson. There’s a beer and food matching lunch with talks by the brewers and excellent food; music, food stalls, lots of beer and it’s all held in a large park/convention area so it’s a great day in the sun. A calendar highlight! There’s also a strong homebrewing scene in the area that has run events in the past, though I haven’t bothered to get into the nitty gritty of homebrewing myself. Motueka hops are grown nearby, one of the country’s most popular and best hop varieties.

    I’ve heard the US craft beer scene has exploded as well, though of course I haven’t had the opportunity to try any US beers. Down here, I’m currently enjoying NZ beers by Townshends, Panhead, ParrotDog, Tuatara, and Golden Bear (their brewery is just down the road on Mapua Wharf).


    It is quite alright, I myself have been busy with work and school.

    It is very interesting to me that there is a thriving craft beer scene in New Zealand. I would have figured that for such a small population, it would be difficult for so many different breweries to be able to survive. We are currently reaching a critical mass here in Houston and it is predicted some of the smaller craft breweries will have to shut down. The Houston urban metro area has a larger population than New Zealand! I guess so many Americans don’t care to drink anything beyond Budlight and Miller Lite.

    Marchfest sounds like a great time, it would be cool to hear a talk from some brewers. We have lots of festivals here. One of the best is known as the “Beermile”. It is a one mile race with the additional requirements that you must finish 4 cans of beer during the race (drink beer, run lap, drink beer, run lap, etc). An 81 year old woman successfully completed the race last year.

    That is the only downside to the craft scene, only able to find local drinks. But I guess that is what makes it craft…

    Do you guys have a food truck scene there? That is all the rage these days in America. Food trucks everywhere…

    Universal Head

    I’m sure it’s a fun day, but the last thing I want to do when drinking beer is run! 🙂 I can’t imagine why anyone thinks that’s a good idea really, it seems designed to make everyone sick …

    There’s a food truck scene?


    I agree, it is more fun to drink while watching the runners instead of actually running. Luckily, it is rodeo time in Texas and this past weekend there was an all-you-can-eat buffet of competition BBQ and craft beer.

    Food trucks are almost as big or bigger than craft beers here. My work even has them come visit us on site so we can get lunch from them. They are typically fusion themed, like the one I ate a month ago was a Korean/Texas BBQ truck. Brisket pad thai was probably the best thing they served. Whenever they have a music/food/beer festival here there is usually a full parking lot of food trucks for people to choose from. Last week I even saw a boutique truck, you could buy fancy clothes out of it…


    Food trucks have also been a main food supply at GenCon in Indianapolis for the last three or four years. Very nice, since you get a good range of different foods which are not too expensive. The only problem are the queues! 😉

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