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    Another skirmish type board game on Kickstarter. This one by Steamforged Games, creators of Darksouls boardgame which went nuts on KS.

    Already funded, but stretch goals so far have been only banners, not ‘champions’ which would add variety to the game. There are add-on ‘champions’, but an £79 buy in for for game is expensive, so they need to add more variety to keep me interested as my budget limited.

    Day one backers get an extra champion, for total of five, but optimal game is three per side, so I’d want at least 8, preferably 10+.

    KS only running 16 days which I think better. Long KS gets boring.

    It’s a UK game, so no Brexit problems with VAT and customs when it releases next year.

    Several Dark Souls backers have been complaining about delivery of product and poor customer service, but buyer beware…

    I’m staying with this until Hellboy launches (also UK) and will stay with the one that looks most fun. Hellboy has an edge because he’s a fun guy… well him and his friends were in the movies…

    Universal Head

    It looks quite professional and the figures are quite nice, but is there enough there to differentiate it from a pile of other similar skirmish games? Nothing jumps out at me.

    I must admit I’m getting tired of the same old fantasy tropes and samey gameplay.


    Lately I’m missing out on playing games due to family health and friend scheduling issues.

    So I’m looking at games as a painting task as much as gameplay, possibly even more so.

    I’d like to pick up a second Wrath of Kings faction, but can’t find a decent price in UK.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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