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    AvatarUniversal Head

    This is very strange, I’m not getting it. Checked my spam folder and sent a test message and all way OK. Weird. Send an email to head AT orderofgamers.com.


    Alyana the Akkyshan Elf – wow and not even a change of head to become Alyana the Nasier ! Well spotted.

    Good luck with your Dirz project.
    Which troops are you using as your infantry ? Clones, Hybrids, Sentinels, Keratis Warriros ?
    With Dirz you have so many leaders and specialists to choose from too.

    I’d like to see a Drunes style faction in WoK.

    AvatarCK Lai

    @ Razide: I’m using the plastic pre-paints for Dirz at the moment, since I don’t feel like dropping a ton of cash for the real Confrontation metal figures for what is essentially a crazy (albeit do-able) project.

    Clones, crossbowmen, Phemeras, Hybrids, Sentinels, Skorizes for normal troops and the Nemesis, Dasyatis and Aberrations as specialists. Leaders/specialists would be: Kheris, Ysis+, Sykho, Claudia Nessalith, Salias Yesod+. The ones with the (+) sign in metal. These I have no choice but picked up a couple of them reasonably cheaply on Bartertown.

    AvatarCK Lai

    @ UH: I’ve sent the email to your email address but if you haven’t received it, mine is:

    chinkster aT geemail dot com

    AvatarCK Lai

    Re: Confrontation

    The “state” of Confrontation today:

    From CMON: “Dark Age and Wrath of Kings will probably be our only two tabletop minis games.” ?


    And the future?


    AvatarUniversal Head

    All looks like fan speculation, except for the coment you pulled out. My completely unprovable opinion is that Confrontation was just too big and unwieldy to tackle (having to deal with the inevitable whinging of old fans, the backlog of old sculpts – remember the older metal and the newer plastic styles are very different – to re-release before they got to original content, possible legal shenanigans still going on, etc). So instead they decided to concentrate on a brand new IP (albeit heavily influenced stylistically by Confrontation and using some of the same sculptors) and game system that would be completely owned by them and new and fresh. Makes good business sense to me.

    Why they didn’t just come out and explain all this to the public is anybody’s guess, though it may be for legal reasons.

    Unless CMON want to release tabletop minis games as one off Kickstarter campaigns and never support them again, which seems unlikely, a new Confrontation would just be a competitor to their own game. Which is not good business sense.


    CK Lai – the Centurus Clones would make impressive Rank2 infantry but I can’t recall if they made it to prepaintedplastic.

    It is hard to imagine CMoN doing a Confrontation:Phoenix unless WoK was a sort of trial to be dropped after all it’s Kickstarter stock has been sold off. As you’ve said WoK & Confrontation are too similar. Besides the Confrontation brand has too much emotional baggage to deal with -the demise of Rackham, the various incarnations of Confrontation and the metal verse pre-painted saga. Not to mention the beta card-based fiasco that was Aarklash Warpack.
    I suspect that was why they decided to jump ship and do a fresh IP with Wrath of Kings.

    I doubt CMoN would have the resources to properly support a proper resurrection of Confrontation as it was meshed with Ragnorok(very large scale battles), the Hybrid/Nemesis board game, Dogs of War and the Cadwallon RPG using the same figures and helped by the eye-candy that was the Cry Havoc magazine & its supplements.

    It is probably more likely CMoN could handle a future KickStarter board game in the Hybrid/Nemesis style but based on the WoK IP. However it would be a shame to forgo all those Dirz laboratories (including the extra missions from CryHavoc) maybe Tekens or Nasier could inherit them.

    AvatarUniversal Head

    No the Centurus Clones didn’t make plastic, unfortunately.

    Oh, Warpack, what a mess that was. That was like Games Workshop during that terrible period (90s?) when they made those crap games targeted to younger kids.

    Confrontation was great while it lasted, but it’s nice to do something different. It’s a shame no one is doing anything with such a nice IP except some computer games, but these things can’t last forever.

    AvatarCK Lai

    @ Razide: yeah. I’ve got photos of ALL the Dirz infantry types. Very impressive. Would love to add the Centurus and Jadharis clones. But… Metals. Expensive. Would have to pay a small fortune to get 6 model each troop type.

    Aarklash Warpack? Sounds interesting. Must google it 🙂

    I think you guys are right re: CMON and Confrontation. I must wish CMON would be upfront about their intentions with it, that’s all.

    After playing WoK and reading the Confrontation rules (3.0 and 4.0) it’s pretty amazing how CMON managed to streamline the rules and reduce the die rolling. Confrontation you had to roll for a test to hit then roll to check damage…. Ugh.

    Not to say the WoK rules are perfect, they’re not. But they have a good start. Now to add some REAL rules for terrain and we’re all set 🙂


    Even a squad of three Centurus clones would weigh quite a bit as they are big heavy figures.
    I’ve always wondered at the weight implications of trying to transport a Ragnorok army especially of some of the bigger Rackham figures. That was probably one of the deciding factors for the move from metal to PPP too.

    Confrontation was originally for small skirmish encounters with detailed rules – with the wound levels affecting your figure’s stats and a wild array of abilities. It was fun to see the wound tokens increasing in severity on your opponent and alarming on your guys but rather tedious in bigger games.
    Dogs of War took this even further with campaigns and an RPG like experience system.

    Confrontation Age of Ragnorok (C4) seemed to be Rackham’s attempt to make a more streamlined high figure count game. Lure new players with an easier ruleset and encourage existing players to build bigger armies, also add in the fixed formations idea from AT-43. Easier for retailers with mainly boxed squads instead of a wall of blisterpacks.

    The version of Aarklash Warpack I saw was a really simplistic card based game – you could almost play it without the figures. Movement was actually based on the length of the cards. Maybe there was some further development by the French player base.

    Anyway I just hope CMoN supports Wrath of Kings with a reasonable amount of conviction and encourages it to grow.

    AvatarCK Lai

    Yeah, I hope CMON supports WoK properly as well.

    Doing the total Dirz conversion, I made a table for comparison and realised how many gaps there are in the WoK armies. I heard rumours CMON plans a second WoK Kickstarter, but who knows when that will be?

    Right now, I just hope they focus on expanding their existing IPs, especially to flesh out the WoK fluff, rather than coming out with new ones every 3 months.

    AvatarCK Lai

    Aha. The mystery of Legacy Miniatures solved at last.

    “Legacy Miniatures is owned and operated by Dust Game Ltd, the makers of Dust Tactics.”


    Maybe I should fly to HK and have a talk with them 😉

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