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    Hi everyone.

    I’ve been lingering around watching you guys on Youtube for quite some time. I have to say I’ve never seen two gamers get along so well together with a genuine respect for each other (along with a huge dollop of fun!). And I also get really ‘annoyed’ when I see your outside in the Sun gameplay!!

    I’m a guy from Northern Ireland, who lived in London for (far too long) a while, and now I live in Russia. My interests in gaming are along the lines of Malifaux, Wrath of Kings, Dreadfleet, Heroquest, X Wing, Ravenloft and the other… 3? and I’m just getting into Frostgrave. To be honest, there’s far too many games around and I’d like to try them all – except anything Mantic related, and I’m not ford of Warhammer stuff.

    You posted a few videos on building a modular game table and it inspired something in me. I’d like to share the fruits of 2 months work directly as a result of watching those videos – keep in mind this is the first time I’ve built a table layout.

    I went a bit ‘posh’ and bought a series of ‘art-frames’ (they’re used to stretch art canvas over) but they were relatively cheap and avoided all that cutting and fitting together snugly malarky. They’ve been coated in a hard plaster for texture, painted varying shades of black/grey, and topped off with a bit of brown-dead grass. The thought behind it was to provide a modular layout, some hazards you can shoot but not move through (‘forest’), a water area to drive models around, hills for offering further shooting/spotting, and a few rocks placed at around 6-8 inches (a lot of models move at those ranges and would offer cover movement – unless they only move 4″ in which case you’re left in the open with your pants down 😉

    Thanks guys. Keep up the fantastic work whenever ‘real life’ isn’t getting in the way.



    Welcome to the forums David. Those terrains look absolutely stunning. Next up lets see some models in action on them!

    As an American, I am really curious about the gaming community in Russia. What are the major tabletop games over there (40k?)?


    That pool of water looks really, really good. I am usually not impressed by how water effects come out as most of the time they don’t quite look like actual water. However, you nailed it. The rest of the table also looks quite nice.


    Thanks guys. My hope was that this first build gave me some insight into how these things go well (and on two occasions terribly. Those tiles were binned). I learned a lot.

    40K, and some 40K, with a bit of 40K on top. To be honest there’s not much in the way of a gaming community here. You’ll get a few small groups, and in this city it’s hard to find anyone that plays more than Warhammer or Munchkin but I think that’s more to do with accessibility than the will to play new games. It’s really difficult/expensive to get things like Malifaux, Warmachine, X Wing, etc here – not to mention most of the new ‘indie’ games are only available in English.

    Woodland Scenics mate 😉 Honestly, I tried to put a paint-base in there of simple a sand texture. I read on some website a guy who found that a certain type of acrylic reacted in a weird way with the Scenics water giving a ‘fluffy sand’ look when it all dried. It worked a treat here. This was 3 layers of the stuff as it kept shrinking leaving a curved area on the edges. I found that adding a few more layers that thinned out towards that edge made that less obvious.

    Overall the whole layout covers 120cm by 120cm (4×4) and can be arranged in 90cm by 90cm (3×3) also.

    If anyone has an idea of how to avoid chipping, that’d be awesome.

    Anyway… thanks guys.


    Wonderful work and thanks for sharing!

    Universal Head

    Welcome to the EOG! The terrain looks fantastic, and I’m very glad my attempts at making a table were useful. Can you show us an example of the art frames you’re talking about? Are they solid? I don’t quite get what you’ve done there.

    I agree, the pool is particularly impressive.



    Thanks buddy. Until this point I’ve only ever played on roll-out mats and watching you build that modular system, the texture, painting all of it just made me think – let’s take a crack at that! So thank you!

    I don’t have a photo of a ‘raw’ board. They’re basically a ‘frame’ for an artist to stretch a finished canvas painting over. 4 strips of wood around the back side that forms a frame and a thin 3mm bit of plywood flush on the front surface. They’re solid, quite weighty, and don’t warp. The handy thing, and something I never thought of until I was trying work out how to do the pond, is that if you flip them over to the back there’s a natural recess that can hold a square of polystyrene you can then dig into and create (say….) a pond. The upside of all this is no sawing and making sure everything lined up flush.

    board image

    Not sure the image helps explain much there. Maybe this explains those frames better. Just imagine it without the glass sheet or those bits inside.

    another image

    The hills we’re just polystyrene surrounded by tree bark. I didn’t bother making sure hills spilled over to the next tile at the right points and still allow that modular change. I felt that 60cm by 40cm boards are plenty big enough to create a substantial hill all on one tile. I sprinkled around some larger/smaller stones and finished everything with a series of watered down black, grey and a little brown here and there. I wanted a ‘scorched-earth’ type of play surface for Warmachine, DarkAge, Wrath of Kings (when it arrives), hell even X Wing will play ok on certain tiles of this.

    Thanks guys

    CK Lai

    @UH: I know the art frames he’s talking about. I briefly considered using them to make my terrain because they are exactly as @starisolator said, but they just cost too much in my country for me to even consider. I might as well order the Secret Weapon terrain for the price, and that’s not including all the time and effort in actually making the terrain.

    I’ll take a photo of the frames next time I visit that shop again.

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