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    I’d like to have my identity remain a secret. My enemy’s have a great amount of resources and their reaches know no bounds. I’d like to hope that none have infested this fine order, if the have so be it.
    This order of Board game enthusiasts (I believe that the term fan is somewhat derogatory to men and women of our calibre) has helped me for some time now. It is only now have I been able to procure membership (actually had time to) the fact that I have hold endless amounts of gratitude. Be assured that there is now a foothold on the South Australian map for the Order.

    The first two paragraphs are sort of a joke pointing to the theme of my favourite games: Arkham Horror and Mansions of Madness I would like to remain anonymous however. But you can call me Merrick or whatever you like really I don’t really care, just nothing too rude please. Again as in the joke paragraph thanks for letting me join (even though it was entirely up to me and the captcha that tried to thwart my membership) I enjoy thematic games that have a noire feel to them such as Arkham Horror and Mansions of Madness. however I enjoy all types of games excluding a certain type of capitalism simulator known as Monopoly and word game that revolves around weather there is an Oxford dictionary lying around (scrabble).


    Hi merrick,

    Welcome on board. Nice to meet you.

    I know the name merrick from the books “gaunts ghosts”.

    You have a wh40 impArmy?

    give me pictures please?



    Unfortunately the few men who were not devoured by the great devourer (dog) were abandoned after the great retreat of Kronos prime (old home, moving is a bitch) and frankly its now way to expensive to start up an army with imp infantry and gw being pricey in my region there has been a rather good value armoured regiment consisting of three Hell Hounds three Leman russ’ and a beastly Hellhammer (baneblade variant). its 495 AUD and I’m student so limited funds and all. but with some saving and a birthday coming up I may purchase the hammer of Cadia pack.
    And thanks for the welcome Alex.

    Universal Head

    Fall in Sergeant Merrick! I can assure you that any attempts by undesirable elements (eg chaos-infested cultists, people who hate dice, and smelly men in black T-shirts with no social skills) at infiltrating the order have been thwarted and the perpetrators harshly dealt with. In fact there are some that whisper that under one of the Order’s numerous secret houses exists a deep and forbidding dungeon, where such presumptuous agents have been locked away in the darkness, forever to rue the day they attempted to unlock the secrets of the Order from within …

    We need more upright defenders like yourself! It would seem that South Australia is safe … for the moment …


    Armageddon pattern autocannon prepared and ready to go, need something dead Grand master? It’s good to hear that the unworthy are locked away in the deep dark dungeons.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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